Impact Wrestling 1/18/18 Recap – Barb Wire Massacre 3

The show starts off with Dezmond Xavier facing Ishimori for the X Title. Ishimori goes for a handspring and eats a dropkick and a dive that sends him into the crowd. Dezmond hits a crazy flip dive from the ring over the barricade, which Josh says “might have been 20 feet”. More like six given how close the ring was to the barrier, but still impressive. Dezmond hits a striking combination and a dropkick to the neck for 2. Ishimori lands shotgun knees and goes for a pump splash, but eats a double kick to the face. Final Flash hits for 2.5! Xavier lands a bunch of kneeling punches, but eats a strike exchange and Ishimori goes for the tombstone codebreaker that gets countered into a standing corkscrew moonsault for 2. This is the best X Title match in years – easily. Double handsrping from Xavier leads to him getting caught for the tombstone codebreaker and the 450 ends it. Outstanding!

OVE cuts in intense promo about barbed wire warfare on Twitch and says “everything” a lot. The Crist Brothers-LAX war is recapped in-depth with the Crists talking about their plans for BFG and Sami cuts an intese promo on Konnan. KC Spinelli vs. Rosemary is hyped up along with a match from Detroit with Eli Drake facing Alberto and Johnny in a triple threat. ATT taking Storm out of Impact is recapped. The weekly GWN plug shows Aron Rex facing Eddie Edwards for some reason. Why on Earth you would choose this when you could be putting up something in full with AJ Styles, Sting, or even Flair is beyond me.

EC3 cuts a promo on Sydal, who talks about facing EC3 at Genesis to win the title without gimmicks. Gail retiring and giving up the Knockouts title is recapped, before Allie talks about being ready to win it again. Kongo Kong squashes Chandler Park and beats him with a Rikishi driver. Kongo Kong desperately needs a better look – he still gives off this low-rent indy monster vibe. Kongo bullies Joseph and we go to BCW and Johnny cuts a promo on Eli and Alberto. In the ring, we get some horrible-looking footage due to some terrible lighting and really loose ropes. The midde rope is dangling and doesn’t look safe at all. Alberto gets 2 for a DDT. Eli hits a Gravy Train on the ref and then a brawl breaks out. Well, that was a great use of TV time.

Rosemary is out and Josh talks about how incredible she is. Rosemary ends it with a Red Wedding quickly. She cuts a promo on regaining the title and someone jumps Rosemary that JB identifies as Hania. Okay, so he knows who she is, but doesn’t explain who she is or why I should care. Rosemary runs at her and eats a spinebuster. She yells about no one stopping her, but can barely be heard. She drops her with a scorpion death drop on the steps. More OVE vs. LAX stuff is recapped before the card for Genesis is run down. Allie faces LVN for the knockouts title, Sydal faces EC3 for the Grand Title, Lashley faces Moose, and Alberto vs. Johnny vs. Eli happens for the Global Title. Barb Wire Massacre 3 is hyped up.

On the Twitch-exclusive battle, OVE comes out and dances a bit. LAX gets an even bigger intro than usual and a huge pop. OVE stalls and Santana dives onto them. Fork shots are teased, but instead, Homicide is launched into the wire followed by Sami. Dave Crist gets speared through a barb wire board in the corner. Ortiz is tossed into one and it’s stuck to his clothing. Homicide kicks out a cradle and sends Jake chest-first into the barb wire. Jake is in all-white, so he’s going to be bleeding a ton here. Josh’s commentary consists of him grunting and making gutteral noises – so it sounds like he’s struggling with a bowel movement.

Suplex on a barb wire board on the floor! Homicide pours booze in an open wound and Ortiz hits a big suplex on Jake to a double decker chair on a barb wire board. Homicide goes for the gringo killah on a board, but it’s flipped out of and he gets kicked in the nuts.GOURDBUSTER ON BARBWIRE ON THE FLOOR! LAX sends Jake into barb wire, then cut him out of it so they can TIE HIM UP IN MORE BARB WIRE IN THE CORNER. Oh that’s a brilliant move. JAKE EATS A CORNER DEATH VALLEY DRIVER WRAPPED IN WIRE THROUGH A BARB WIRE BOARD!

Jake hits a Big E spear on Ortiz off the apron through a table. Sami hits a tombstone on barb wire onto Santana and gets 2! Konnan kicks Dave Crist brother in the balls and he gets skewers to the head and then a suplex off the table through a table gets the win. This was nuts, but not quite as much of a bloodbath as the other barb wire massacre matches that they aired in a marathon before this. It’s definitely feeling like Impact is on the cusp of what’s current by using Twitch and it’s another way to make money for them – this was a great start to the partnership.