DC Comics Universe & Doomsday Clock #3 Spoilers & Review: Justice Society Of America (JSA) & Wacky Team-Ups With Rorschach & Batman, Comedian & Dr. Manhattan, Mime, Marionette & Joker?!

DC Comics Universe and Doomsday Clock #3 Spoilers and Review follows.

Justice Society Of America (JSA) Rebirth and lots of Wacky Team-Ups this issue with Rorschach and Batman, Comedian and Dr. Manhattan, plus a teased Mime, Marionette and… the Joker?!

Doomsday Clock #3 opens with the opening scene from The Watchmen #1 where the Comedian is killed.

As he is heading towards the pavement and imminent death he is transported…

…somewhere else, presumably the main DC Comics Earth, by…

…Doctor Manhattan.

We then pivot from the flashback to modern day where the Comedian is battling Ozymandias after shooting Lex Luthor.

After a fierce battle, Ozymandias escapes… barely. A wounded Lex Luthor is transported to hospital

The new Rorschach confronts Batman in the Batcave and gives him the journal of he original Rorschach to explain why he is there.

We then pivot to a TV in a nursing home where news of the Superman Effect continues to be explained by classic DC characters including…

…the upcoming Terrifics’ Metamorpho plus Man Bat and Lady Clayface! The Department of Metahuman Affairs (DMA) is responsible for creating and weaponzing Supermen?

There is a fight for the TV as someone doesn’t want to watch the news, but a classic episode of the crime drama detective show Nathanial Dusk. Where is that TV? Well, it is Johnny Thunder’s nursing home that we first saw in DC Comics Universe Rebirth #1. It looks like the rebirth of the Justice Society of America (JSA) will happen via Doomsday Clock.

As Batman reads the journal, Rorschach makes himself at home and unmasks; he is a young African American man who…

…is clearly mental disturbed, but is he able to be…

…super-heroic and helpful to Batman?

We then catch up with Watchmen characters Mime and Marionette at a Gotham City bar. A brawl ensues and it turns out Mime may not be wholly crazy since… he really has an invisible gun!

Marionette wants in on the mayhem and uses her garrote for more intimate wetwork.

Looks like they are intrigued by… the Joker?!

Rorschach continues to have disturbed day dreams as Batman wakes him up telling him he knows where Doctor Manhattan is after reading the journal.

Batman and Rorschach break into a facility…

…but it’s Batman double crossing Rorschach! Batman thinks he needs mental health help and traps him in Arkham Asylum!


Another multi-layered story with depth and strong characterization by writer Geoff Johns with dynamic and evocative pencils by Gary Frank. A compelling page turner. 9 out 10.

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