Impact Wrestling 2/1/18 Recap – Aries Returns

We start off with a crowd shot and the reveal that the Facts of Life with WORLD CHAMPION ELI DRAKE will return. Oh lord. Sydal’s title win and Lashley’s face turn are recapped alongside the steel cage match main event. Sydal says that judges are out of the Grand Title situation and the ring is back to four sides. Sydal defends against Fallah Bah and kicks him to the floor off a banzai drop attempt. Bah takes an awesome bump for that. Another banzai drop attempt misses and the SSP ends it. Lashley and Moose’s team is recapped and the Cult of Lee is backstage in wacky shirts.

Alberto and EC3 face Moose and Johnny. KM comes down to face Lashley and they have a fairly sloppy match that Lashley wins with the spear. Kongo Kong is shown destroying Chandler Park and Joseph talks to Grandma Jenny before Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong come in. Abyss drowns someone in a clip from ages again for the Pluto TV plug. Lashley and Eddie Edwards cross paths backstage before LVN faces Kira Hogan. LVN slaps her and does a Perfect neck snap. LVN goes for the unprettier, but Allie comes down and distracts LVN leading to a schoolgirl victory for Kira Hogan. Alberto and EC3 cut a promo burying Johnny Impact for his stupid name.

LAX comes down and Konnan cuts a promo saying that LAX is always ready for a fight. OVE comes down with Sami cutting an intense promo on all of them. Konnan insults OVE on the stage before the Cult of Lee in their goofy getup attacks LAX. The Cult takes the flags and belts of LAX. Johnny insults EC3 and Alberto for being overrated and overtanned. The GWN plug match shows EC3 facing Drew Galloway in an awesome street fight that could make for a good Takeover main event one day.

Eli and Adonis meet up backstage about the celebration of All Things Eli. An awesome Brian Cage hype video airs.EC3 and Alberto come down before the faces. Alberto actually has new gear, but yellow and blue looks bad on him. Moose runs wild on Alberto and beats him with the Game Changer. Time for the Facts of Life with wacky music airing over people talking and we see Adonis in the turkey suit. Eli says that there’s no one who can touch him before Austin Aries returns. He cuts a promo on them saying he messed with the video before we get an impromptu title match and he wins it with the brainbuster.

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