The Column: DC Comics Universe Talk On Linda Park & Wally West In Lieu Of Valentine’s Day

“Wally West and Linda Park”

Welcome to the column where we talk about what is missing right now.

Also a special Valentine’s Day post on my favorite couple in comics.

Recently I have been reading FLASH Vol 2 in regard with with the Zoom reveal to gain his history where I came across possibly the best comic couple I have known.

Wally West (Flash) and Linda Park.

I wanted to let you know just what makes these two special.

After the death of Barry Allen, Wally West took over the mantle of the Flash. Like a youngster, he was rash and often fell to bad judgments. He learned from his mistakes but despite it all, there was always a feeling he would never be recognized on par with Barry. That is when Linda entered the scene. It was not love at first sight, mind you. She called into question the Flash and his tactics and poignantly made various ways to make sure people knew what he was doing wrong. Wally took her to his adventures from then on, and soon she realized he was just another person trying to do the right thing. She helps and the two start to develop feelings for each other and finally when Wally decides to reject his feelings, Linda decides to leave where Wally changes his mind and lets her know that he feels the same way and have one of the best first kisses that i have ever seen in comics.

In an era where women were tragically misrepresented, Linda was one of the exceptions. Being an investigative reporter and solving cases on her own, When Wally was supposedly killed by Kobra, she leads a one woman siege against him as she battles over fifty soldiers to get to him. Linda Park and Wally west had one of the most understanding relationships and the moment they say ‘I love you’ is both beautiful and Hilarious.

Despite it all, you might have taught they would have broken up or just forgotten but they endured and they get married in  a beautiful and typical superhero wedding. They soon even have children, Jai and Irey West finally turning them into the coolest parents imaginable. The length of development these two underwent and the pure love they had was a very fine accomplishment and together, they were at the heart of the Flash Family.

Of course, when Flashpoint struck, this family was completely forgotten and none of them existed in the new 52  until Wally west came back in DC Rebirth Special. But tragically, Linda does not remember him.  But one thing is, this does give me hope that one day, they will be together again and soon with zoom and the looming Flash war, Linda will be a major player and it might signal the return of their children.

Titans Rebirth actually handled this beautifully before sidelining her and I really want her and wally to come in the Flash book and reweave their magic one more, both of them united against the world. 

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