DC Comics Universe & Nightwing #39 Spoilers: Secret Origin Of Nightwing’s Classic Blue & Yellow Disco Costume Plus Secret Origin Of The Judge?

DC Comics Universe and Nightwing #39 Spoilers follow.

Secret Origin Of Nightwing’s Classic Blue and Yellow Disco Costume Plus Secret Origin Of The Judge?

Nightwing has been captured by the Judge and is trapped in a submerged under water part of Bludhaven.

Seems a developer did some shenanigans and was never prosecuted, but the Judge judged him and he died.

The Judge reminds Nightwing that he’s let the Judge go before; first as Robin, later as Agent Grayson, but in between that was before he became Nightwing.

A murder on Bludhave Campus caught Dick Grayson’s attention. Saltwater was at the scene leading many to believe in the legend of the Sea Butcher.

Dick Grayson slaps some track clothes together into his first blue and yellow disco Nightwing costume. It looks less polished…

…than the classic 1980s version.

Anyhow, he tracks down the Judge for the now multiple murders of drug pushers on campus, but he disappears in the bay.

The Judge in modern day tells Nightwing he is the Sea Butcher! He is immortal and is really…

Jacob De Witt the first Judge of Bludhaven in colonial times. He’s immortal?!

He was killed over prosecuting an aristocrat in the 1600s, but the sea didn’t let him die.

He was stunned by how much the world had changed so he retreated to the sea and returned periodically over time until…

….he found solace in a church. He dedicated himself to see corruption or nothing at all.

In modern day, the Judge leaves Nightwing to drown!

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