WWE Raw 3/12/18 Recap – Braun vs. The Tag Division

Kurt comes out and says that Brock couldn’t make it to the show. Roman comes down and says that Brock doesn’t respect him, the company, or the fans in the building or at home. He says that Brock didn’t show up for work, and if anyone else did that, he’d be fired. He wants to know the trouble Brock is going to be in for that and he says there won’t be any because he’s Vince’s boy. Roman says he busts his ass year-round for his family and he won’t be disrespected by Vince sticking up for Brock. Roman teleports backstage and talks to Vince, who tells them to go to commercial. Vince says that Brock is his own man and Roman is great, but he had to remind him that the Rock said to know your role and shut your mouth. Vince says that Brock doesn’t like people, and he probably doesn’t like the fans, but he does respect competition in the ring and in the octagon and Brock has earned what he has. Vince gaurantees that Brock will be on Raw next week and compete for the title at WrestleMania and Roman has been suspended.

Sonya is mid-ring to face Sasha. Sasha beats Sonya with the backstabber and the crossface after Bayey prevents Mandy from getting involved. Bayley leaves and Absolution beats up Sasha. Kid Rock’s HOF video airs. Miz yammers on for a while before bringing Seth out and then Finn comes down and they all just chat for a bit. Finn sends Miz out and Rollins takes out Balor. Miztourage brawls with The Bar before the entire Raw tag division comes down to beat up The Bar. Cena comes down and says he might be sitting next to the fans before going into the fans and taking a tiny sip of beer before starting a “this is awesome” chant. He can’t get a “let’s go Roman” chant going though, which is surprisingly on the nose for WWE. Cena then challenges Taker to a match at WM. John basically blames Taker for failing and that being the reason that he won’t accept a challenge right away. He goes to placate the ego of the dead man by saying that the fans want to see him eat a tombstone at WrestleMania.

The Bar is backstage and wants a champions vs. champions match at WM, so Kurt says no, they’ll face the winners of a Raw tag team battle royal. Elias’s beating is shown from last week. Seth and Balor are out for a match that once semi-main evented a Summerslam. They have a fine match that never gets out of first gear until Seth goes for the superplex into the falcon arrow before Finn turns it into a small package to win – this is a nice homage to the Wrestling Classic and also plays into Seth’s more modern moveset. The women’s revolution is showcased with a Moolah highlight reel and the announcement of the Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal, with Shayna Bazler as an entrant.

An Angle/Rousey vs. HHH/Steph video airs before Asuka comes down for an interview before Alexa interrupts. Asuka says that she chose Charlotte because to be the woman, you have to beat THE woman and Charlotte is the best champion in WWE. Asuka says she already beat Alexa, so she can beat her again. Mickie beats her up before a match, and then Asuka taps her out with the Asuka Lock. Alexa meets with Nia and wants her in her corner. Nia squashes a jobber. Nia sees Mickie and Alexa talking smack about Nia backstage. They are informed of the fact that a mic was on – and I guess they missed the camera in there too. Alexa and Mickie go to run. Nia comes backstage and yells and screams.


The Woken Matt vs. Bray great war match is hyped up with Bray saying it would be a shame if something happened to Matt’s family. Bray vs. Matt’s ultimate deletion match is hyped up alongside Alexa vs. Asuka for next week. Braun enters the battle royal by himself and wins the thing by tossing Karl out onto the pile. Braun is going to WrestleMania to in theory face the tag champions by himself. Cole asks if this is legal, and you’d think that in this era of texting and social media, someone would text Kurt. The Bar looks rightfully terrified of this prospect, which is at least an important-ish thing to do with Braun that isn’t the Andre battle royal.

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