Netflix & Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Recaps by Penny; Episode 12 – “AKA Pray For My Patsy”

Trish is in hospital now, barely alive. The doctors obviously don’t fully understand the Late Dr. Karl’s illegal mad scientist procedure so they have no idea how to actually TREAT Trish because they don’t understand exactly what was done to her. she’s completely unconscious and unresponsive, and frequently suffering from mild seizures. They tell Jess and Dorothy that the only thing they can really do is keep her comfortable and wait to see what happens. For once, Dorothy decides to NOT be a complete (insert expletive here) to Jess and actually reassures her that this is squarely on Trish’s shoulders; she’s relentlessly stubborn and would have pursued this no matter what anyone said or did.

Jess gets a call and it’s from Costa, asking her to meet him and Sunday because Alisa has escaped prison. She heads home to her office to meet them and they talk about Alisa. Jess tells them everything she can and offers them Malus’ journal. She’s pretty sure Alisa saw the news of his death and will most likely blame Trish, which means Trish is in danger.

AAAAAAAND the sloppy writing this season rears it’s ugly head again, as Alisa has somehow managed to quietly escape in a laundry truck after setting off alarms at the end of last episode. I mean, I KNOW TV shows and movies often take liberties with how things actually work in real life, but OH FOR FUCKS SAKE REALLY??? She injures a guard and alarms go apeshit and SOMEHOW laundry trucks are still being allowed to leave the facility unsearched? Even the average viewer knows if an alarm goes off at a prison EVERYTHING goes into lockdown and vehicles trying to leave the premises are thoroughly searched. Know how they know that? Because OTHER TV SHOWS like CSI and Criminal Minds taught them that, and it’s true. NO laundry truck would be just casually pulling out after an alarm. Hell most prisons search them before they leave even WITHOUT an alarm just in case.

Anyway, once she’s outside the prison she breaks out of the truck and tracks down some clothes. She’s sort of aimlessly wandering around New York, doing her best to keep her temper in check and not stand out. When she sees posters advertising Trish’s recently quit from radio show, she goes to the studio looking for her. Seeing a blonde woman from behind in the booth with a violinist, she attacks, but the poor woman isn’t Trish, as Trish quit. She abuses Trish’s former producer a bit and bails when she sees the blonde isn’t her target. She goes to the hotel room Karl was hiding out at before Trish took him away at gunpoint a couple episodes back, and cries holding a shirt of his. Then she notices the news report on the TV, wherein Dorothy has gone back to being a useless waste of oxygen dancing with the Idiot Ball by telling reporters EXACTLY where Trish is and calling Malus a quack KNOWING Alisa is free. She may as well have 4th walled directly into the news camera and said “Hey you super powered psycho! Please come murder my comatose daughter!”

Why oh dear Goddess WHY are so many characters this season so goddamned stupid? Did Netflix buy stock in Idiot Balls?

Jess is in the back of Costa and Sunday’s car riding along, but when a report of the radio station attack comes over the comms, Jess kicks the door clean off the car and books it to the hospital knowing Alisa will find her way there eventually. She makes it to Trish’s room JUST in time, catching Alisa climbing in the window. She begs her mother to not do this but Alisa is in full ragemonster mode. They end up fighting and in a creative murder attempt Alisa uses Jess’ own arm to try to choke Trish to death as Jess is between them. Jess manages to get out of the predicament but Trish is sent flying from the bed in the fracas. Jess human shields her as Alisa pounds on Jess. The sound of Jess begging her to stop through the thuds of her blows finally brings Alisa back to lucidity, but she tries to escape out the window when the police burst in. Sunday shoots her in the leg to prevent this but ends up held hostage. Sunday tells Costa to just take the shot and end Alisa, but he hesitates one moment too long and Alisa dives out the window with Sunday in tow, using her as an impact shield from the fall, crushing Sunday to death on impact as Alisa runs away.

Jeri has compiled a list of the most likely pawns shops Inez and Shane could have unloaded her stuff at, and starts calling around. She didn’t call the police and the cold steely look on her face tells you why. She’s reverted to her old cold clinical calculating Power Bitch self. Whatever she has planned for the pair, clearly police would just get in the way. After one shop calls her back she heads there and calmly pays the owner $30K to reclaim all of her stuff AND bribe him for Shane’s address. We then get a cameo from everyone’s favourite skeevy gun dealer Turk, from whom Jeri purchases a clean untracable gun. Finally she goes and stakes out Shane’s place waiting for Inez. Once she spots her, she convinces Inez she’s not angry and just wants to talk, and Inez hesitantly gets in the car.

Jeri wants to know why Inez had sex with her if she was really with Shane. Inez says she gave in to the feeling of being wanted by someone of Jeri’s social stature. Jeri is holding a file, explaining to Inez how Shane is a player who’s just using her, calmly explaining all the girlfriends she’s tracked down in the folder that Shane has on the side, and that he’s been saving up a nest egg in a secret bank account so he can ditch her. She says it’s all right there in the folder if Inez wants to see it, and says it completely deadpan. Inez stupidly just takes her word for it, furious about Shane’s “other women”, she gives Inez the gun she bought from Turk, telling her it would be wise to keep it on her when she confronts him just in case he tries anything. Inez heads up to Shane’s apartment to confront him and Jeri calmly peruses the folder as she listens unemotionally to the ever escalating voices coming from Shane’s place, followed by a gunshot. The folder is nothing but the list of pawn shops she gathered, and she calmly dials 9-1-1 to report a shooting. And she does so without even blinking.

Trish is now being kept in the morgue to keep her safe. Jess arrives, still injured, and Dorothy again takes hold of the idiot ball to blame Jess for everything after all now that she knows who Alisa is. Jess just glares at her until she shuts up. Costa asks Jess for a statement then orders her to stand down and let the cops handle Alisa, who is now on a Kill-On-Sight order after murdering Sunday. He tells her she’s going to have a detail following her at all times until it’s over, both to protect her and to keep her on the sidelines. Trish wakes up now finally and she and Jess fight again over Trish’s obsession with GETTING powers and Jess wasting hers. Alisa interrupts the fight on the phone, asking Jess to meet her to talk. Trish tells Jess they can use her apartment. They set the meeting, but after Alisa hangs up Trish reminds Jess of all of Will’s guns in her closet there, and tells her to end it. Jess escapes from her protective detail in a bodybag and pays the driver of a mortician’s van to drop her at her place.

Trish is woozy and telling Dorothy she doesn’t feel so good, right before going into a violent seizure. Meanwhile Jess arrives at Trish’s place and gras one of the guns. When Alisa arrives she aims it square at her head and tells her that she has two choices. She can surrender and go to The Raft where she can’t hurt anyone, or they can fight until one of them is dead. Alisa refuses to go to the Raft and asks Jess to just do it. She knows she probably needs to be put down and if so she’d rather it be Jess than the police. Jess hesitates, then aims at Alisa’s heart and closes her eyes to shoot, but Alisa takes advantage of Jess’ hesitation and stupidity to disarm her and knock her out cold. She takes Jess to an RV she apparently stole in New York City unnoticed in the past hour somehow, (Hi sloppy writing! No, now Sloppy Writing, put the gin down, you’ve had enough), and drives out of the city with Jess unconscious in the back.

End of episode. See you tomorrow for the finale!

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