DC Comics Universe & Dark Nights Metal #6 Spoilers & Review: Possibility Sparks New Hope & Threats In A Changed Multiversity, Justice League No Justice, Flash War, The Sandman Universe & More!

DC Comics Universe and Dark Nights Metal #6 Spoilers and Review follows.

Possibility Sparks New Hope and Threats In A Changed Multiversity, Justice League No Justice, Flash War, The Sandman Universe and More!

Dark Nights Metal #6 opens with Wonder Woman and the heroes, including Deathstroke, battling Barbatos’ dark multiverse forces.

Mister Terrific convinces Plastic Man that now is the time to…


Plastic Man tells our heroes that there is something in the Forge and Kendra Saunders aka Lady Blackbird, and formerly Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman, with Wonder Woman investigate.

They discover the dragon of the Forge… the Hawkgod… formerly Carter Hall aka Hawkman!

At the same time, the chimps of Earth 53 with Batmen from across the positive multiverse join cosmic tuning fork aka the Ultima Thule; this was the ship of from Nix Uotan, believed to have been the last of the Monitors, a Super Judge in fact, before we was corrupted into the Dark Monitor and destroyed.

Kendra Saunders uses Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth to try to snap Carter Hall out of his dark Hawkgod phase…

…as Wonder Woman frees Batman and Superman…

…adorning them with tenth metal! That metal with the Ultima Thule and channel the music of the multiverse to defeat Barbatos!

The tenth metal is the power of possibility and…

…is used to give Aquaman and Green Lantern their own new metal armor.

We also see the trapped Teen Titans, Suicide Squad and other members of the DCU finally freed by Doctor Fate…

…as a woke Carter Hall takes on Barbatos to help turn the tides!

We also have the return of the Joker who teams up with Batman to take on and take out the Batman who Laughs to free his bandaged prisoner the Over Monitor (full spoilers here); plus the death toll starts to tick up in Dark Nights Metal #6.

Kendra Saunders than uses, a presumably tenth metal imbued giant tuning fork, to impale and defeat Barbatos. Also, Batman and the Joker have defeated the Batman Who Laughs – who could only predict Batman’s actions not the Joker’s – and he escapes with the Over Monitor. The fate of the Joker is left unknown.

The Over Monitor explains to the Justice League that they can use the tenth metal to free Earth and unlock possibility overpower and defeat the darkness of Barbatos and the dark multiverse.

So, they do and we get a journal entry…

…from Carter Hall…

…to explain it all or at least attempt to. Their actions also leads to either some formerly deceased members of the Source Wall being freed or the source wall wholly being destroyed freeing the hand of creation?

The book ends explaining that Barbatos is trapped not dead and the world is now rick with new possibility and new threats.

We get a look at a recuperating Hawkman plus a look at the heroes of the New Age of Heroes such as the Immortal Men, Sideways and even a tease of the new Vertigo Sandman Universe line.

We also get a look at the future of DC Comics including the Flash War, the return of the Darkstars and more.

At the heart is Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman bracing for the future.

Batman has a plan though. A new cohabitated Hall of Justice for a new Justice Leagues…

…post Justice League No Justice.


A heady and ambitious tale by writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. At times some of the cosmic stuff was confusing, but nonetheless entertaining and giving a sense of grandeur to the book. 8 out 10.

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