Marvel Comics Legacy & The Mighty Thor #706 Spoilers: Does Jane Foster Die? How Does Finale Lead Into Thor Fresh Start?

Marvel Comics Legacy and The Mighty Thor #706 Spoilers follows.

Does Jane Foster Die and How Does This Finale Lead Into Thor Fresh Start?

The books opens with the usually story summary or catch-up page with creators credits.

Jane Foster, Thor, defeated Mangog where no one else could and it cost her her life. She arrives at the gates of the Norse warrior heaven Valhalla.

Odin acknowledges her accomplishment and sacrifice and finds her worthy of Valhalla.

Thor is also trying to bring back Jane Foster by wrestling the god Tempest, at the heart of Mjolnir, but even with Odin it doesn’t appear enough.

In the end, at the gates of Valhalla, Jane Foster chooses to stay alive and fight her cancer in real life then succumb to death as Thor. This is different from the recent Avengers Secret Wars animated series where Odin made her Thunderstrike.

Next we have Odinson, with a reclaimed Thor mantle and still Unworthy, with an uru metal arm and a hammer that can becomes many other uru metal weapons, get a fresh start with Thor #1.

Thor #1 hits stands June 13, 2018.

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