DC Comics Universe & The Flash #46 Spoilers: Road To Flash War Prelude Has Reverse Flash & Zoom / Hunter Zolomon & Eobard Thawne Team-Up Plus Wally West & Barry Allen!

DC Comics Universe and The Flash #46 Spoilers follows.

Road To Flash War Prelude Has Reverse Flash and Zoom Team-Up Plus Wally West and Barry Allen!

It appears that Zoom and Reverse Flash, Hunter Zolomon and Eobard Thawne, may be teaming up during the Flash War! Will they strive to make the Flashes, Wally West and Barry Allen, better heroes as per Zolomon’s mission or work to destroy them a la Thawne’s usual mission?

In present day, adult Wally West continues to have visions of the pre-Flashpoint timeline including seeing Cyborg in his classic 1980’s Teen Titans armor and his 1990’s/2000’s golden Omegadrome suit.

Back in the future, modern day Eobard Thawne and future Hunter Zolomon argue about their Flash plans…

…Thawne races back to the past? Presumably this leads into the Batman and Flash mini cross-over the Button?

In the present, in a creepy comparison to Thawne, adult Wally West visits the various times in his life that he remembers from the old time that he can still “see” a la the earlier Cyborg visions.

That includes a visit to a Flash Museum…

…that existed in the old timeline, but does not exist in the DC Rebirth timeline yet.

Wally West just wants to run to deal with his pain; Barry Allen obliges.

In the future, Hunter Zolomon has finally given up on his improvement of the Flashes mission and now…

…wants to destroy them like Thawne does / did before his death?!

Also, for folks that are confused, despite having similar costumes, Zolomon has the black eye slots for his costume. Also Eobard Thawne is the Reverse Flash while Hunter Zolomon is Zoom.

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