DC Comics Universe & Wonder Woman #50 Spoilers: Dark Gods Finale & The Fate Of Diana Prince’s Twin Brother Jason Revealed?! Hero, Villain Or Dead? Outgoing Creative Team Makes Way For New All-Star Team!

DC Comics Universe and Wonder Woman #50 Spoilers follows.

Dark Gods Finale and The Fate Of Diana Prince’s Twin Brother Jason Revealed?! Hero, Villain Or Dead?

The book opens with Jason having sided with the Dark Gods against Wonder Woman and the Justice League as the Earth goes mad literally.

However, it’s a ruse and Jason has a plan to save the world!

He pretended to beat Diana and offers her to the Dark Gods; when they are transported to their subconscious, Jason coxes Diana up.

As Wonder Woman battles the Dark Gods, Jason’s real plan comes to fruition as he makes an offer to the King of the Dark Gods that he didn’t tell his twin sister Wonder Woman about.

Jason offers to willingly be absorbed but the Dark Gods, including his Greek gods’ pantheon powers / essence to help the Dark Gods to get back to their own reality; which was they’re really after.

The Justice League, Diana and Jason get transported back to Earth as the Dark Gods remain inanimate as they consider Jason’s offer.

Diana is naturally devastated by Jason’s heroic sacrifice, but it’s a lose-lose situation. While Wonder Woman would eventually defeat the Dark Gods, how long would that take and what the toll be on earth? Jason chose the path that lead to least destruction of Earth; a personal heroic sacrifice…

…that the Dark Gods accepted.

The Justice League awakens and we see Jason’s new almost angelic Dark Gods form.

A month later, Diana Prince and Steve Trevor are a couple again; as are Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson over in Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #1 also out this week (spoilers here). Looks like its CCC week (classic comics couples).

The book ends with Wonder Woman looking to the past and the future.

Speaking of the future, the book’s outgoing creative team makes way for new all-star team!

With Wonder Woman #51, Steve Orlando takes over writing from James Robinson with G. Willow Wilson taking over the series with Wonder Woman #58 out on November 14, 2018 with new artist Cary Nord.

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