Pull List Roundtable 9/26/2018: Heroes in Crisis #1, Man Eaters #1, Justice League Odyssey #1, Faith Dreamside #1 & More

John Babos

13 books this week

  • Action Comics #1003
  • Detective Comics #989
  • Doomsday Clock #7
  • Extermination #3
  • Flash #55
  • Harbinger Wars 2 Aftermath #1
  • Heroes in Crisis #1
  • Justice League Odyssey #1
  • Terrifics #8
  • Titans #26
  • Venom: First Host #5
  • X-Men Blue #36
  • X-Men Red #8

James Fulton

  • Friendo #1 – I have become a fan of writer Alex Paknadel, whose Turncoat at Boom! was nothing short of brilliant. I don’t know anything more about this series, from Vault Comics, than that he is writing it, and that’s enough for me.
  • Heroes in Crisis #1 – I find myself pretty divorced from the DC Universe these days – I’ve gone from getting a number of titles each month (or every two weeks) to just getting Deathstroke and Mister Miracle, largely because of creative team changes, price increases, and the disappearance of digital codes. Even when I was buying more books, I’ve stayed clear of their events since Flashpoint. This one, however, is written by Tom King, and therefore is more than likely very much worth getting. More than that, I’m looking forward to it, as I miss the DCU.
  • Man-Eaters #1 – This new series is by the talented people who made the wonderful Mockingbird series a couple of years ago. I liked what they did there, so this is going to be worth giving a hard look at the store (the concept, about a disease that turns menstruating women into feral cat-creatures is definitely interesting).
  • I’m also looking forward to new issues of Beasts of Burden, Shanghai Red, Black Panther, Marvel 2-In-One, Punisher, Doctor Aphra, X-Men Red, Extermination, and the aftermath to Harbinger Wars 2, which has art by Adam Pollina!

Mike Maillaro

  • Justice League Odyssey #1 – I actually forgot about this book entirely. Basically, it’s a space adventure starring Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Cyborg, Starfire, and Azrael. Kind of random, but I have been enjoying Justice League Dark (JLD issue 2 also comes out this week), so I will probably check it out.
  • Scarlet #2 – I can be a bit obsessive when it comes to reading everything that leads into a series before I start it, even when the first issue promises to be standalone. Because of this, I had almost skipped Scarlet #1 a few weeks ago…but then they put all of the earlier series on sale on Comixology…which I ended up reading in one marathon sitting. It was just that good! Definitely worth a read!
  • Heroes in Crisis #1 – I am not sure I really care that much about reading a comic book about superheroes recovering from PTSD, but I do like Tom King’s work a lot, so I will probably buy this. DC hasn’t really done a great job of selling me on this one, to be honest…
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31 – Now that Shattered Grid is over, MMPR is starting a whole new direction with a new creative team. MMPR has been great since day one, and I can’t wait to see what comes next in this great series.
  • Uncle Scrooge My First Millions #1 – I may be the only person who remembers this, but like 6 years ago, IDW did a digital series called “All of Scrooge McDuck’s Millions” which charted how Scrooge earned his first few million dollars. Each of the four issues charter “My First Million,” “My Second Million,” etc. Since this new series has the same exact creative team as those books, I am assuming this is just a print version of those digital comics from a few years ago…
  • Faith Dreamside #1 – Nice to see Faith in her own book again. She is one of the best characters in Valiant and just a real unique character from any comic company. I am still hoping that one day we get a Faith/Ms Marvel crossover…
  • Beyonders #2
  • Archie Meets Batman ’66 #3
  • Bone Parish #3
  • Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Coronation #7 (Of 12)
  • Action Comics #1003
  • Batgirl #27
  • Batman Beyond #24
  • Detective Comics #989
  • Flash #55
  • Silencer #9
  • Terrifics #8
  • Titans #26
  • Wonder Woman #55
  • Disney Comics And Stories #1
  • Amazing Spider-Man #6
  • Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider #24
  • Domino Annual #1
  • Edge Of Spider-Geddon #4 (Of 4)
  • Extermination #3 (Of 5)
  • Infinity Wars Iron Hammer #1 (Of 2)
  • Marvel Two-In-One #10
  • Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #35
  • Moon Knight #199
  • Old Man Logan #48
  • Punisher #2
  • Sentry #4
  • Spider-Geddon #0 (Of 5)(
  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra #24
  • Star Wars Poe Dameron #31
  • X-Men Blue #36
  • X-Men Red #8
  • Long Con #3
  • X-O Manowar #19


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