Review: Doomsday Clock #7 By Geoff Johns & Gary Frank For DC Comics

Review:  Doomsday Clock #7

Blind Spot

Published by DC Comics

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Gary Frank

Colours by Brad Anderson

Letters by Rob Leigh

“Why are you here, Jon?”

The Plot

The story begins with Dr. Manhattan going over the events that lead to Johnny Thunder finding the lantern as well as the removal of the Justice Society of America.  In the present day, Veidt finds Rorshach, Saturn Girl, and Johnny Thunder.  In the background, international metahuman events continue to spiral out of control while Superman is the only one really trusted by various countries.  Meanwhile Bubastis is able to sense Dr. Manhattan’s presence as they make their way towards him.  The Joker and his new friends still hold Batman and the Comedian hostage.  Batman escapes and things start to escalate, but Ozymandias and co. interrupt.  Ozymandias is able to finally track down Dr. Manhattan as the people from the Watchmen universe are all teleported to another place to talk.  Dr. Manhattan makes various revelations come out and then the conversation grinds to a halt.  Everyone is teleported back and all go about their own business.  The issue ends with Dr. Manhattan pondering everything and feeling something almost unfamiliar…curiosity.

The Breakdown

This was a very good issue.  The story really took off and the true scope and nature of it really came into view.  Some things that were established earlier in the series were completely flipped around and by the end of it all, this is the Ozymandias that we’ve all come to know making an appearance.  Cold, calculating, but still more interesting than he was back in the original Watchmen series.  There were a lot of good moments in this issue such as Saturn Girl getting a bit more screen time, the disappearance of Alan Scott, Batman vs. Mime and Marionette, Rorshach vs. the Joker, and more.  I know I’m going to be reading this issue a couple more times.  I liked how Dr. Manhattan really seems to be irritated with Ozymandias.  The revelation with Dr. Manhattan did not disappoint and the major conflict is now made clear.  I enjoyed that despite the madness around the globe, Superman still represents that beacon of hope.  Some explanations were given such as what role and how Bubastis plays it.  Johns has a really good handle on how to write Dr. Manhattan and the layouts on his pages had great execution.  Frank’s art was really top notch once again and I really don’t mind the wait with the type of quality that’s coming from this title.  I liked how he drew Dr. Manhattan…I kind of expected him to have a blue glow and have him mostly digitally rendered.  Instead Frank drew him more true to the original Watchmen series and I’m glad that he did.  The colours were very good again and this issue I noticed how good Leigh’s lettering work is.  The conflict is blowing wide open this month and all bets are off on what’s going to happen next.  There are a lot of subplots that I’m eager to follow now.  Great issue this month…


There wasn’t really anything that held this issue back.  The only disappointment I felt was the pages on the right getting lighter as I was getting closer to the end of the story.  There was maybe something about Rorschach’s story that might have felt forced, but I have to read the other issues again because it’s easily something I could have missed before…or just forgot about.  Two more months until the next issue…kind of dislike that, but like I said with this type of quality I’d rather get a late book.

The Verdict

Definitely a Buy It.  A numbered rating would be a solid 9/10…maybe even a 9.5, maybe.  There were a lot of little things that I really liked in this issue.  It really feels like the two universes are starting to come together and the whole story is really taking focus.  Hands down this is the best thing that DC is putting out right now and I’m glad that there are still 5 issues to go.  The creative team once again brought their A game and they really have a strong handle on the Watchmen characters.  I definitely recommend this issue as it might be the strongest one in the series so far.

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