The Column: A Brief Guide To Fall Comic Book TV Shows


Welcome to the column where I am watching all the returning comic book based TV shows and telling you.

So guys yeah, all the shows are returning soon and some have already returned.

I just wanted to rank down some awesome tv shows that I am gonna be checking out.

The Gifted Season 2 September 25 Fox.

Seriously guys watch The Gifted. It is really underrated. It has really compelling characters and this season is really upping the stakes. The Mutant Underground vs The Inner Circle. We all know some of the highlights are Polaris, Stepford Cuckoos, the Strucker Twins and Eclipso.

The Flash Season 5 October 9 CW.

The Flash has been a bit lackluster the last few seasons. I agree with that without a doubt in the mind. However, at the same time, which other show has the lead couple’s daughter show up from the future? I am watching the show mainly for that. And the killer shark vs Gorilla Grodd fight. Yeah it is happening.

Black Lightning Season 2 October 9 CW.

Okay the first season of Black Lightning was just lit you all. The characters were awesome. This season seems poised to introduce more Outsiders heroes and villians. More than that we get to see Jefferson Pierce dealing with two adult daughters with superpowers. Whew.

Riverdale Season 3 October 10 CW.

Riverdale is a show that is weird. No denying that. The thing about it is that it makes use of it all in a great way. It knows what it is. This season has Archie dealing with jail, Veronica with her mob boss father, Betty with a serial killer dad, and Jughead with his mom and sister back. One of four is pretty normal for teens. Oh, also Jughead is also the leader of a biker gang.

Titans Season 1 October 12 DC Universe streaming service.

Titans, I am really excited for it. I am hoping they balance the dark and light parts in a good way. To be honest, I am really excited for Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Donna Troy.

Supergirl Season 4 October 14 CW.

With Melissa Benoist pulling Double Duty this year as both the villian and the hero, the villian is gonna be terrifying and the hero every bit as heroic. I am looking forward to how Brainiac 5 will play a role here. Also what has Martian Manhunter been doing?

Arrow Season 7 October 15 CW.

Oliver Queen in prison. Well, in a legal way. About damn time. I mean dude has killed so many people. No matter how much he wants to be a hero. I never really consider him a hero. He is a vigilante. Not a hero. My opinion guys. Also Roy Harper is coming back. Good news.

Daredevil Season 3 October 19 Netflix

This season is one of my most anticipated of the TV shows. In an adaptation of the Born Again storyline. Daredevil is back. Matt Murdock is dead. Bury him. The Kingpin is back. Dude is gonna kick some sh*t up. Also Bullseye, finally. Not formally confirmed, but I am pretty sure. Gonna be great.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 October 22 CW.

Zany. Crazy. But awesome. Yeah that is Legends for you. Last season we had a demon vs teddy bear fight. This season more Constantine. More weirdness. More awesomeness.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 October 26 Netflix.

Man, I don’t know what to think of this show. It is gonna be creepy and that is the best thing anybody can say to compliment it.

Runaways Season 2 December 21 Hulu.

This season we have the Runaways finally on their own. No more parents. No more homes. All they have are each other.

Witht that, thats it. Man that looks so intimidating and also gonna be pretty fun to watch.

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