Pull List Roundtable 3/6/2019: Doomsday Clock #9, Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1, Black Hammer ’45 #1 & More!

James Fulton

  • Black Hammer ’45 #1 – Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt are collaborating? I’m in.
  • Vader: Dark Visions #1 – Marvel doesn’t give a lot of information in their solicitations, but I think this is the series that Chuck Wendig got fired off of, now being written by Dennis Hopeless/Hallum. It looks like this shows how Vader is portrayed in different circles, and that could be interesting.
  • I’m also looking forward, this week, to Cemetery Beach, Deadly Class, Deathstroke, Die, Killmonger, Paper Girls, Star Wars, Uncanny X-Men, Vindication, and The Walking Dead.

John Babos

11 books this week.

    • Adventures of the Super Sons #8
    • Avengers #16
    • Deathstroke #41
    • Doomsday Clock #9
    • Dreaming #7
    • Female Furies #2
    • Green Arrow #50
    • Justice League #19
    • Six Million Dollar Man #1
    • Suicide Squad: Black Files #5
    • Young Justice #3

    Mike Maillaro

    Running a bit late this week, so just hitting some of the big stories.

    • Girl in the Bay #2 – Loved the first issue of this Dark Horse book. Sort of a horror book, I guess. A girl is drowned, and several years later returns to find that someone has taken over her life. JM DeMatteis always manages to surprise me, and this book is so good!
    • Domino: Hot Shots #1 – I wasn’t expecting Domino to come to such an abrupt end, but Gail Simone is picking right up where she left off with this mini-series. Domino is one of my favorite Marvel books, so I am glad we are getting this mini. Hopefully it will not be the last we see of these characters.
    • Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1 – Paul Scheer is so funny on the “How Did this Get Made?” Podcast. He seems to like and respect comic history, so he should be the perfect fit for this series.
    • Green Arrow #50 – Green Arrow has been one of DC’s most consistent books, especially since Rebirth. This is the last issue of this series, but I can’t imagine Green Arrow staying off the shelves all that long.
    • Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU – Not sure we need these spinoff issues to help set the scene for Amazing Spider-Man’s Hunted story. I think they have done enough build up already. I actually think the arc is interesting, just not a fan of having to buy additional comics to read the story.
    • Oberon #2
    • Walk Through Hell #8
    • Blossoms 666 #2
    • Adventures Of The Super Sons #8 (Of 12)
    • Batman #66
    • Deathstroke #41
    • Dreaming #7
    • Female Furies #2 (Of 6)
    • Green Lantern #5
    • Justice League #19
    • Young Justice #3
    • Die #4
    • Age Of X-Man Prisoner X #1 (Of 5)
    • Avengers #16
    • Avengers No Road Home #4 (Of 10)
    • Champions #3
    • Conan The Barbarian #4
    • Immortal Hulk #14
    • Meet The Skrulls #1 (Of 5)
    • Star Wars #62
    • Star Wars Age Of Republic Padme Amidala #1
    • Star Wars Vader Dark Visions #1 (Of 5)
    • Uncanny X-Men #13
    • Ziggy Pig Silly Seal Comics #1