WWE NXT UK Review: Episode 34 (Pete Dunne, WALTER)

March 13, 2019 – Coventry, West Midlands

Wolfgang def. Flash Morgan Webster
Wolfgang pinned Webster in 5:18 after the Caber Toss. This was a good bit better than I was expecting, as neither guy has impressed me in singles. But Webster got me engaged with his escalating dives, and I dig the way Wolfgang put a stop to that with a few careful tosses against the post. More like this from both dudes would be appreciated. ***

Kassius Ohno gets a hype package about leaving NXT and coming to NXT UK. He cuts what is probably his most compelling promo to date in WWE, more or less saying that his experience in British wrestling makes him a better representative for the UK brand than guys like Mustache Mountain and Travis Banks, who he calls US wrestler tributes. I dug this.

Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan def. Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone
Jordan pinned Huxley in 6:00 after hitting a Swanton Bomb. Apparently we’ve got a win streak going for Williams & Jordan, but they’ve been wrestling such boring opponents that I hadn’t noticed. This was fine, but outside of Williams’ comeback there was nothing of particular note here. **¼

Jinny hates Toni Storm, but loves generic heel promos. She wants Storm’s title. Meanwhile, Eddie Dennis is coming after Ligero. You know, because he’s so random. Xia Brookside hates bullies, so she wants to fight Rhea Ripley.

Noam Dar comes out to the ring to say he’s in NXT UK to stay. He more or less turns heel, crapping on guys like Mark Andrews for coming to 205 Live and failing. Andrews comes out and attacks him. And that’s that…. For now.

Kay Lee Ray def. Candy Floss
Ray won in 2:18 with Gory Bomb. I don’t review squashes, but I’m relieved there are a few new faces in the women’s division because it was getting very, very thin. N/A

Mustache Mountain is ready for the semifinals of the Dusty Classic (later today on NXT). But in the UK, Zack Gibson is hurt apparently so Tyler Bate wants a match against James Drake. That goes down in the main event next week.

Pete Dunne & WALTER def. Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey
WALTER pinned Mark Coffey in 16:19 with a powerbomb. WALTER looked really out of place here. His offense was sloppy and he often looked apprehensive. I hope this was a case of off-night jitters, because an otherwise tight match was held back when the big man tripped over himself. After the match, WALTER puts his foot on the title belt to keep Dunne from lifting it off the mat. He picks it up and hands it to the champion, letting him know that he wants it. ***

The main event was a bit disappointing, and now I’m a little worried that the inevitable title match between WALTER and Dunne might not be so great. Hopefully I’m wrong. The rest of the show was the usual save for a surprisingly good opener.

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