The Column: All The Members Of The Batman Family At DC Comics


Welcome to the column where I talk about the biggest DC Comics superhero family, the one and only Batfamily.

Batman, we all know who he is. There is a saying that Batman works alone. That he is better alone. Lately he has stopped saying that. You may ask why? Well, even Batman has a limit of being made fun of.

From having the first teenage sidekick in Dick Grayson as Robin to ending up on the fifth Robin at the moment who is his son Damian Wayne. Not to say nothing of the countless Batgirls. Each of whom have been a boon and bane to him in various ways. No we aren’t done. There are others who took up the bat symbol like his cousin, Batwoman, and the ones who follow his spirit such as the Huntresses, Batwing and so on. Batman has never been alone. For a guy who pisses a lot of people off, he has sure inspired a lot of people to follow in his example.

There is also a civilian factor with Alfred Pennyworth being the second heart and soul of the entire batfam. There are others like Leslie Thompkins and Lucius Fox who help him if only for the reason they trust Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego.

The Members

Now I have created a few edits comprising the entire bat family. I am pretty fricking sure I didn’t miss out on anyone and got in anyone who has been a member of the batfam in any way.

A Family

I think the recent Detective Comics #1000 was a real boon for this one. “The King” story helped give us that amazing batfam wallpaper along with the solidification that this batfam is the best thing Bruce Wayne has ever created

I personally love the batfam and my fave members are Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Steph Brown. It is always quite disappointing when they don’t get enough screentime. I think this batfam is testament to the fact that while Bruce Wayne lost his parents that day. He was still capable of building a family for himself and be a father figure to so many other kids, well vigilantes.

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