Rob Liefeld Continues To Plan To Complete Image United!

Rob Liefeld Continues To Plan To…

…Complete Image United!

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IMAGE UNITED was a comic book experience like no other. Every page had at least 7 artists jamming on it, sometimes in the same frame. This splash page alone features myself, @toddmcfarlane @whilceportacio @marc_silvestri @erikjonlarsen and Jim Valentino. Todd inked the Badrock and Shadowhawk at the top of this splash page. I can’t believe we produced over 70 pages under these circumstances. I provided layouts for the first issue and Erik Larsen continued from there. I’m determined to finish it in the very near future. It was an ambitious project way ahead of its time. #robliefeld #toddmcfarlane #eriklarsen #marcsilvestri #whilceportacio #jimvalentino #spawn #youngblood #witchblade #cyberforce #savagedragon #fortress #shadowhawk #imagecomics

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It may well come to an end someday!

Only 3 issues of the 6 issue mini-series saw print; the series began in 2009.

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