Marvel Comics Universe & Amazing Spider-Man #22 Spoilers: Hunted’s Over-Sized Ending Attempts A Kraven’s Last Hunt Finale?! (Legacy ASM #823)

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Marvel Comics Universe and Amazing Spider-Man #22 Spoilers follows.

Hunted’s Over-Sized Ending…

…Attempts A Kraven’s Last Hunt Finale?! (Legacy ASM #823)

The book opens with a storyline catch-up and creators’ credits page.

Readers than learn of the three-pronged battles; Kraven Sr. vs. Spider-Man…

…Kraven Jr. vs. the Lizard…

…and the Kraven robots vs. Vulture and the animal-themed predominantly villains “prey”.

Kraven actually frees Spider-Man…

…and reveals that they aren’t much different; based on decisions Spider-Man has made, noble or pragmatic or not, there is unintended death on his hands due to that decision.

Kraven then has Arcade reveal his mission; essentially if Spider-Man kills Kraven this is all over.

Kraven even convinces Spider-Man he’s hurt MJ!

Spider-Man defeats Kraven, but won’t kill him.

Elsewhere the Lizard battles Kraven Jr…

…and the Vulture declares victory due to Kraven’s change in orders to Arcade; he’s freed the clients from being trapped connected to the Kraven robots. That means the Vulture and the others are free!

Kraven explains that Spider-Man gave him the gift of knowledge; compassion is a strength not a weakness.

He won’t hunt again, Spider-man has his word. Plus, only the Spider can kill Kraven.

Kraven Jr. confronts Spider-Man, as Kraven Sr. seems to be evoking the end of the classic Kraven’s Last Hunt.

Kraven Jr. and Spider-Man fight to standstill as Kraven Sr. dones a black Spider-Man costume…

…and kills himself; only a Spider can kill Kraven after all.

However, turns out that there are a lot more Kraven Jr.’s out there…

…a pack of Kravens!

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