Raw 6/10/19 Recap – Seth vs. KO

A Super Showdown recap leads to Seth coming out and then Corbin interrupting. Corbin buries San Jose and demands a rematch with a hand-picked ref – Sami Zayn. KO comes down and then Seth tells him to fight him now and then KO buries the wild card concept. KO vs. Seth is made for the main event and then Lars destroys the Lucha House Party and kills Kalisto with a slam on the steps. Truth goes into an elevator to avoid being beaten for his title and is stick with a group of jobbers and no ref. Shaky cam indicates it’s stuck. Joy.

Lacey and Becky have a terrible spit-screen video and Becky buries her granny panty gear. Alexa lies to Nikki about Bayley being someone who uses others. Miz and Joe chat for a bit before things get personal and Joe brings up Miz’s family and then Braun comes down, then Lashley and then Ricochet and then Cesaro. I smella a holla holla six man tag match, playas! Yup, and Cesaro gets the swing on Miz forever. Ricochet hits him with a codebreaker and then hits a 630 on the knees and wins it.

Lacey and Alexa beat Bayley and Becky when Bayley gets the knees up off the twisted bliss, but Lacey blind tags herself in and KOs Bayley to pin her. Sami talks with Shane about being the main event for tonight’s match. Paul Heyman says that he guarantees that Brock will cash in and beat Seth. The IIconics beat a pair of jobbers in a quick and somehow sloppy match with a wheelbarrow double knee that looks awful. Shane and Drew have a celebration party and chat with the Revival. Hawkins and Ryder are backstage with denim vests and talk about being the champs but the Usos being possibly the best team in the world.

Revival wins the titles after Jey lands a ton of superkicks and a splash, but Dawson tosses him out and steals the pin. Seth talks about overcoming the odds tonight. Carmella helps Truth escape and he keeps the 24/7 Title. Bray does a creepy promo again and now incorporates jam into it. Seth and KO have a perfectly fine match with Sami taking away from the story of the match. Seth touches him and we get a DQ, so Seth stomps him after Corbin runs in and gets beaten down.

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