DC Comics Universe & September 2019 Solicitations Spoilers: Justice League Vs. Legion Of Doom Epic Justice Doom War To Include DC One Million!

DC Comics Universe and September 2019 Solicitations Spoilers follows.

Justice League Vs. Legion Of Doom Epic Justice Doom War To Include DC One Million!

Writer Scott Snyder teases upcoming Justice League issues as per the below (emphasis added):

      …[Lex] Luthor has expanded the Legion of Doom not to just include villains, but he’s made an appeal to the entire population of the world to be part of this, essentially. And people are starting to buy his argument, you know?

      So the heroes have to expand as well.

      And the only way that they’re going to be able to stop the Legion of Doom is to capture the same weapon Luthor has in that totality that he’s been carrying around.

      And what they realize at the beginning of the story is that there might be the equivalent of a “justice” one.

      And to find it, they need to unlock the secrets of Starman, Will Payton… also Starman One Million.

      And so there’s a link over time, between these characters, that ultimately … the portal that opens between them, or that they’re able to open, allows the Justice League to go after the kind of totality they need to fight Luthor’s doom totality.

      And if Luthor’s totality is able to channel the seven dark forces of the universe – you know, the Still Force and the Invisible Emotional Spectrum and all the things we’ve been mentioning – then this one is really attuned to the powers of the heroes, the to Speed Force, to the Emotional Spectrum, to all the things that they’ve been shepherds for without really understanding the tremendous weight of those forces. And the governing factors of those forces until now.

      So it’s almost like they’re getting the object that’s going to soup up all their abilities, just as Luthor has one that soups up the abilities of the Legion of Doom.

      And they’re going to battle over the fate of the whole universe in a massive war with all the characters across space and time to see who’s going to win – justice or doom.


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