Pull List Roundtable 6/26/2019 – War Of The Realms, Ascender, Bloodshot Rising Spirit Finale, Wolverine Exit Wounds & More!


John Babos

6 books this week

  • Action Comics #1012
  • Avengers #20
  • Bloodshot Rising Spirit #8
  • Detective Comics #1006
  • Major X #6
  • Terrifics #17

James Fulton

Super small week, but a high quality one.

I’ll be getting Ascender, Black Panther, Deadly Class, Nobody Is In Control (a great Black Mask title worth checking out), and X-Men Grand Design: X-Tinction.

I love small weeks!

Mike Maillaro

  • War of the Realms #6 – I have enjoyed War of the Realms quite a bit, even thought it did feel like the heroes were never at any real risk. For an army that conquered all the other Realms, Earth had no real issues holding them back. It just make the story feel fairly low stakes to me. Still enjoyed the story though. Quite a few War of the Realms tie-ins this week too. Avengers #20, New Agents of Atlas #4, Punisher #3, Uncanny X-Men #3, Superior Spider-Man #8, and Thor #14.
  • Dial H for Hero #4 – Happy to hear they decided to expand Dial H and Wonder Twins to 12 issues. I have been enjoying both of these books. The whole Wonder line actually has been very good.
  • Wolverine Exit Wounds – As part of their 80th Anniversary, Marvel has been putting out a bunch of specials celebrating classic creators. This is a dream book for me written by Chris Claremont, Larry Hama, Sam Keith with art by Salvador Larroca, Sam Keith, Scot Eaton. This is shaping up to me my favorite book of the week…not often I can say that about Wolverine.
  • Killer Groove #2 – First issue of this Aftershock series was great, with a struggling musician realizing he can only find inspiration by murdering people. It’s a weird one, but worth a read!
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40 – This book finally returns us to the MMPR universe to show what’s been going on since Shattered Grid. Glad to see we are finally back in the main universe. Beyond the Grid was a good story, but I would much rather read this new take on MMPR like we had been getting. This issue features the White Ranger!
  • Batman Beyond #33 – Real fun arc going on here with Bruce Wayne being replaced by False Face. This is one of DC’s most underrated books. You don’t hear a lot about it, but every issue is solid and consistent!
  • Dark Red #4
  • Action Comics #1012
  • Books Of Magic #9
  • Detective Comics #1006
  • Flash #73
  • Justice League Dark #12
  • Silencer #18
  • Terrifics #17
  • Wonder Woman #73
  • Disney Afternoon Giant #5
  • Kick-Ass #15
  • Spawn #298
  • Age Of X-Man The X-Tremists #5 (Of 5)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #24
  • Conan The Barbarian #7
  • Doctor Strange #15
  • Fantastic Four #11
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8
  • Magnificent Ms. Marvel #4
  • Major X #6 (Of 6)
  • Marvel Comics Presents #6
  • Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #44
  • Mr. And Mrs. X #12
  • Runaways #22
  • Spider-Man Annual #1
  • Spider-Man Reptilian Rage #1
  • Star Wars #67
  • Star Wars Age Of Rebellion Darth Vader #1
  • Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge #3 (Of 5)
  • Thanos #3 (Of 6)
  • Bloodshot Rising Spirit #8
  • Punk Mambo #3 (Of 5)