WWE Raw 7/29/19 Recap – Samoan Summit

A video package puts over the importance of championships before showing off the 24/7 title. Drake in new gear and Rene Michelle come out for the mosh pit tag – and if either of the heels gets the win, Truth loses it. Truth comes out and he and Carmella do his whole intro – he got a star reaction. Goobers are outside the ring as lumberjacks and while the 24/7 rules are suspended, the title is still on the line in it. Drake eats a gordbuster and that ends it – so now all of the lumberjacks go after him. A dog pile leads to Mike Kanellis winning the title. Mike runs into a room and then Maria yells at him, because of course she does and then tells him that he needs to let her in or she’ll kick him in his lady parts. Rey comes out for the Summerslam US Title match gauntlet.

Cesaro finally getting a superhero-esque theme as the Swiss Superman is great – odd timing tho. Cesaro takes Rey down for a series of cradles for 2. Rey gets 2 off a victory roll, but a lariat floors Rey. They go to the floor and Rey ranas him into the apron and lands the sliding splash. Rey lands a sliding headscissors sending Cesaro into the crowd. During the break, Cesaro powerbombed Rey into the post on the floor. Rey goes for a super rana, but Cesaro blocks that, so he goes for a super victory roll and Cesaro blocks THAT. Rey gets a super bulldog, 619, and splash end it for Cesaro. Sami’s out and Rey ducks a Helluva kick and cradles him for the win.

Andrade’s out to continue their feud from SD months ago. Cole talks about Andrade paying homage to Rey by wearing a mask in Mexico. Well that’s a bit of a strtech. Andrade does the three amigos and gets a double-jump moonsault for 2. Andrade lands the hammerlock DDT for the win and takes Rey out. Andrade rips his mask off and Ricochet comes out to save Rey. Ricochet gets his leg tripped up by Zelina and he fights back from a quick attack from Andrade. Ricochet lands a somersault dropkick from the corner to get an edge. Andrade lands a shotgun knee in the corner for 2. Ricochet lands a poison rana for 2 and a 630 leads him to victory.

He gets a post-match interview and gets a big “Ricochet” chant afterwards. AJ laughs at Ricochet’s desire to beat him at Summerslam. Mike tells Maria that he won this title for her. Maria demands that he get on his back – like usual, and wants a ref so her child will have a parent as champion. She’s the first-ever pregnant champion and tells the roster that they can’t pin her unless it’s Thursday when she’s in stirrups. Alexa and Nikki Cross walk backstage.

Alexa talks about how inspiring Maria is and how inspiring WWE is. She says that WWE is family and Dolph offended his family by superkicking HBK. She shows some drills Nattie did with Finlay to counter the disarmer. Becky locks it on her and shoves Finlay away. Alexa buries her and then Becky says she hopes Alexa doesn’t get hurt turning around to look at the tron. Becky tells her that Nattie found out that there’s no hiding from her – and she’ll see Lexi later. Usos joke about not missing Raw for anything before the triple threat tag title match.

THEORIGINALTHEOFFICIALTHEONLYCLUBTHATMATTERS THE OC is here! Revival takes control with their usual grinding on the Usos. Dash eats a big splash for 2. Dawson wears down an Uso with a sleeper. Gallows runs over folks for an ad break and Karl gets a chinlock afterwards. Revival lands a Steiners bulldog for 2 before Karl gets involved. Karl and Dawson go over the top with a suplex and Gallows boots Dawson down on the floor before an Uso dive. Superplex off the second rope to the floor onto the pile hits. Jimmy tosses Dawson in and a Gallows blind tag leads to a series of finishers and the Magic Killer ending it – giving The OC the belts.

AJ chats with an interview girl and The OC comes in for a celebration. They do nothing and we get a Raw Reunion video. HBK eating a superkick is shown from SD and the Viking Raiders do goofy stuff in a very red room. Cole losing his train of thought to avoid saying the word “experience” was tremendous. Corey talks about the team training in Germany for viking training. They destroy the jobbers and desperately need something more than just coming out and killing guys. The Street Profits recap tonight’s show. Dawkins implies he’s Maria’s baby daddy. Seth slaps hands with them to look ridiculous and talk about burning it down.

Becky walks backstage to face Alexa. Little Rock, Arkansas gets a hype video for hosting Raw and we get a recap of the 24/7 Title stuff tonight. Becky gets a series of cradles for 2 and Nikki hits Becky to give Alexa an edge. Disarmher leads to a schoolgirl cradle for 2. Becky misses a spin kick badly and redoes it to send Alexa down. Bexploder leads to Alexa selling the leg. Nikki challenges Becky for a match now.

Nikki gets a long choke, but Becky hits the Manhandle slam and wins it. A miracle occurs and Alexa heals and attacks Becky. Nattie attacks her and locks on a sharpshooter. Nattie is asked robotic questions and says that this isn’t about making friends – it’s being professional. Nattie rattles off some horribly-acted stuff about wanting a submission match, but knowing that Becky won’t accept it – so it isn’t worth trying to ask her.

Maria gets a bunch of photos taken and wants only the good ones before Brun comes in and she tells him to stop crowding him and then wants him to show her how strong he is…for some reason and he growls. HBK’s theme hits and Dolph comes out to kill the crowd. Dolph gets blown up just impersonating HBK. Seth attacks him after the bell and then brawls with him on the mat. Seth chops and slaps him before landing a rolling elbow. Seth lands a falcon arrow and Brock comes down and suplex him a few times before landing a German on the floor and landing an F5 into the post and then beating his back to death with a chair. He then sits on the chair and waits for Seth and hits two F5s on the chair. Seth spits up blood as Brock leaves. Why not have this close the show?

Heyman asks for Brock to stop and he lands an F5 on the standing chair. Roman greets Seth as he’s taken away before Joe and the OC brawl with he and the Usos. Brock prevents the ambulance from leaving. Brock pulls Seth out of the back and kicks his ribs and F5s him on the gurney leading to some God-awful acting from Seth.

Poor Joe’s intro is just an excuse to play Brock’s beating of Seth. Joe says the summit has been cancelled due to peace talks breaking down and he’s fine with that, he wants a fight anyway. He and Roman brawl before Drew comes out for another walk and brawl. Cedric comes out to aide Roman and Joe knocks him down with a big lariat. Drew tosses Cedric into the LED board and off the ramp before Roman is tossed into the steps off-camera and the Usos brawl with everyone. Cedric goes on top of the LED board and dives on the pile. This gets a Roman chant and he just does spots with Drew – so it winds up meaning nothing. Roman takes out the tag champs and the Usos superkick Joe and Roman stands tall after a spear.

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