The Column: Why Is DC Comics’ Nightwing Such A Beloved Character?

Hopeful Hero

Welcome to the column where I talk about one of the most hopeful superheroes in the comics world, Nightwing.

Nightwing, Dick Grayson. We all know him, we all love him. He is the ultimate super-hero. He jokes and puts us at ease; he saves people with a smile on his face. He acts as an inspiration to other people. Dick has also shown himself to be a good friend and one of the most reliable people around.

But what exactly makes him beloved? There has been rumors DC Comics have a mandate to never kill Dick Grayson. One of the biggest examples is the Infinite Crisis event where Connor Kent Superboy took his place. Same with the current Ric Grayson saga where Dick Grayson is changed, but is not dead.

Looking at it from a personal view, Nightwing has always been the person I want to be. An inspiration that I want to emulate. It is easy when you look at it but really hard to execute.

We also have Dick Grayson as a focus on the DC Universe’s Titans TV series which is entering Season 2.

There are a lot of reasons as to why each one of us likes Nightwing. We relate to him. We feel inspired by him. We want to be him. But whatever reason, I think each of those just goes to show how beloved Nightwing is and how he is an awesome comic book character and that is something that isn’t said of every superhero.

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