Funko Celebrates 14 Anniversary Of The Office Sitcom, U.S. Version, With Funko Pop Cast Set!

Funko Celebrates 14 Anniversary Of The Office Sitcom, U.S. Version, Debut With Funko Pop Cast Set!

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Everybody stay calm! The Office Funko Pops are finally here — and we’re buying all of them

Add them to your cart before they sell out.

The Office fans, rejoice: You can finally own your very own Michael Scott figurine.

Funko Pop has finally released its highly anticipated collection of The Office cast, featuring Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Kevin Malone, Toby Flenderson, and Darryl Philbin. Each Funko is unique to its character and even comes with accessories, like Michael’s iconic World’s Best Boss mug and Kevin’s famous pot of chili.

The figurines were announced back in February but are officially available for purchase today — and you can shop them on Amazon. While some beloved characters are missing, like Angela Martin and Kelly Kapoor, we’re anticipating they’ll be joining their co-workers sometime in the near future.

Buy It! Funko Pop TV: The Office, Michael Scott, $10.90;; Funko Pop TV: The Office, Dwight Schrute, $10;

Each Funko Pop ranges from $9 to $11, so you can snag the whole crew for around $60. The only character you can’t purchase individually is Toby, which comes as a “Toby vs Michael” set, complete with a different Michael Funko (and the rock Michael gave him as a going away present) for $20. Plus, Funko recently announced new Office Pez dispensers — including a hilarious one of “Prison Mike” — which you can preorder now and expect to ship in December.

Netflix recently announced that The Office will be leaving the popular streaming platform in January 2021. NBC, the network the show originally ran on, “secured the exclusive domestic streaming rights” to the show for its own platform, which is expected to launch next year.

If you want one (or all) of The Office Funko Pops to keep you company while you’re re-binging the show before it gets pulled, we recommend adding them to your cart fast before they go out of stock…

Lots of non tradition toy tie-ins for classic TV shows lately.

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