DC Comics Universe & Supergirl #33 Spoilers: Kara Zor-El Launches Legion Of Super-Heroes Millennium, But Not Part Of DC’s Year Of The Villain? Preview!

DC Comics Universe and Supergirl #33 Spoilers follows.

Kara Zor-El Launches Legion Of Super-Heroes Millennium…

…But Not Part Of DC’s Year Of The Villain This Month?

Well the above was the original solicited main cover which changes to the below.

However, that will be changing too as the DC’s Year of the Villain cover dress will be removed and a new cover issued; same goes for Superman #14. Both super-books were supposed to hit stands his week, but DC Comics has sent a message to retailors asking them to destroy them and DC will supply them new covered comics shortly. We expect both books to officially hit stands this month or early September, but no new street date has been announced at press time. The new cover for Superman #14 has been released by DC Comics, but not the new cover for Supergirl #33 yet.

All that said, the interior pages for Supergirl #33, which are not expected to change, have slipped out online.

So, do these teaser and preview pages intrigue you enough to pick up the issue whenever it officially hits stands? If you pick up a copy of it this week, your retailor has been naughty, but enjoy the read nonetheless.

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