WWE Raw 10/7/19 Recap – Seth vs. Bray Gets Buried

A recap of last week’s Rusev-Rollins match airs with the Lashley-Lana stuff capping it off. We get some Total Divas clips of their wedding to really drive this over the edge as a shoot. Orton and Corbin jump Rusev to start the show. Then we see Lashley get into his bed and Lana says that she has everything of his, and he has no money because he sent it to his family. Well that’s some handy exposition. Rusev beats up Corbin and Orton.

Lacey and Nattie have another in their seemingly endless series of matches to depserately try and get Lacey some effective ring time in short order. Variety of office chair spots leads to a 7 count on Nattie before she gets a kendo stick and runs wild on Lacey. Lacey hits a neckbreaker on the ground and she grabs a “Natalya” trash can and hits her  with it. This gets several 9.5 counts when this match just needs to end. Lacey tosses her into the half-pipe tron and goes to the announce area and Lacey suplexes her on the table to bounce her off to the floor. Another toss into the half-pipe and Nattie hits a suplex before landing a powerbomb off the ramp to hopefully send Lacey to NXT.  Then after this 15 hour long match, they just cut to graphics hyping up Miz TV and the womens tag match.

Tyson Fury and his 75 kids are shown backstage. Aleister Black is shown saying he desperately requires battle. Aleister Black stealing Mark Guleen’s line delivery is fantastic. I could do without the toothy wacky pronunciation of random words. PICK-A-FIGHT-A WITH ME! Street Profits cut a promo hyping up that SD left USA for Fox here ON USA. They call Drake Maverick the 40 Year Old Virgin in 2019. Tyson cuts a generic promo backstage with Charly. Wow what a waste.

Viking Raiders are out to face Roode and Ziggler, who get jobber intros. They hype up Rowe as having silent aggression. Rowe V Triggers Roode to send him packing outside. Roode eats a KO elbow and gets knocked into Dolph for a tag. A sloppy Viking Experience hits and wins. YES! ALEISTER BLACK IS HERE TO PICK-A-FIGHT!

The Bollywood Boyz are on Raw to no reaction to PICK-A-FIGHT with Aleister Black. They get squashed. Two long SmackDown recaps air followed by a video bragging about how big a show it was before another SD recap. Rey is asked about Dominick and Rey thanks the Universe for their support. Rey rattles off a whole bunch of weird exposition about Dominick being tougher due to the beating. Rey says that Cain is Dominick’s godfather and that Brock truly fears him.

THEOFFICIALTHEORIGINALTHEONLYCLUBTHATMATTERSTHEOC is here to destroy the Lucha House Party. But first, we get to hear about AOP being badasses. The OC has a long, boring match with the LHP that goes on for a thousand years and then they go for a post-match beating. Triple team Clash off the top puts AJ over huge.

Becky and Charlotte are out for Miz TV in full gear. Miz says that everyone’s bringing their best tonight – wow is that ever a rich one. Charlotte and Becky argue and Charlotte says that she’s a 10 time champ and Becky says that her reigns are meaningful, while Charlotte’s are plentiful. Asuka and Kairi cut a wacky promo in Japanese laughing at their own jokes. A brawl erupts and the faces get a double baseball slide sending the heels packing.

The faces getting the upper hand for a while before the heels use some outside the ring cheating to gain an edge for an ad break. Becky gets the disarmher, but Asuka blows mist and the camera somehow misses it and Kairi cradles her to win. Alexa and Nikki make a save for Charlotte and Becky. At 10:24, we get our first sight of Seth and Bray before a pediatric cancer video. A recap airs of the Rusev stuff earlier.

Apollo Crews talks about the WWE Draft being about motivation and his match with Ricochet being his showcase. The Viking Raiders cut a red room promo about being fated to win the titles next week. Ricochet says that superheroes are real and King says he’s free to borrow his Batmobile. They have the first 7 minute sprint of a great 20 minute PWG match and the Recoil ends it for Ricochet. Crews was given a bit to look good, but is still missing something.

Bray vs. THE FIEND recap. Tyson Fury’s out for his promo. If we’re lucky, we’ll get something about 10% as cool as Mayweather-Big Show at No Way Out. I remember Mauro marking out hard watching that live on WOL then. Tyson demands an apology before Braun comes down. Bray dressing as the Christmas Creature in fall is terrible. Did Jeff Jarrett give him fashion advice? Braun cuts a terrible promo before Fury cuts a worse one. Fury says he’s a heavyweight champ and buries Braun for never winning one.

HOW DARE HE INSULT GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE CHAMPION BRAUN STROWMAN! They brawl before all the geeks come out to attempt to break them up. Then they just…do and Braun leaves. Okay then. This show was a complete waste of time. Braun calls Fury a tough son of a bitch, but he’ll get THESE HANDS. Charly says some more goofy crap that takes the seriousness out of everything. Fury gestures to him before Braun rushes him for another brawl.  Well that was a way to end the show.

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