WWE Raw 10-21-19 Recap – Street Profits Battle The OC

We get a recap of Seth burning down the funhouse before Flair comes out and gets an ungodly great. He starts off saying WE’RE GOING TO SAUDI to boos before burying Hogan for putting all his cards on the table. Slick Ric brags about a fan’s mother and brings out his new guy – Drew McIntyre. Drew faces Ricochet in a long match – probably the longest on Raw all year. Lots of great chops here Ricochet’s shooting star gets 2.9, Recoil leads to Ricochet being sent out hard before landing the claymore and hitting an inverted Alabama slam into the steps Aleister Black faces Jason Reynolds and destroys him with a billion strikes and then the Black Mass.

AOP cuts every promo they’ve cut so far. Rusev comes out in a plain white shirt and gets the what treatment. King says that all three of the people involved here are public figures and they have made everything public without any concern for Rusev. Lashley and Lana go to a restaurant and he’s here to take care of her needs. Lana demanded to come to THIS RESTAURANT here in Cleveland, but he never did, but Lashley did because he’s a gentleman. Rusev leaves to go kick Lashley’s ass and I guess Lashley doesn’t bother watching Raw because he’s just staying there.

Andrade faces Sin Cara while Humberto Carrillo looks on in a Power Rangers top. Sin Cara lands a moonsault off the top to the floor and at 40, does it better than Charlotte. A forearm exchange leads to Andrade being sent outside and an over the top rana! Sin Cara looks fantastic here before eating a dragonrana by Zelina and the hammerlock DDT hits. Humberto is interviewed about the match by Charly and says that Andrade is a future Universal Champion and he wants to be the best champion – not like Seth, who plays with fire. That certainly was a promo.

Montez Ford cuts a tremendous promo backstage about how their partner doesn’t like AJ either. Truth is backstage in the metal box district before the Singhs attack and Sunil beats him for the title. Dio officially calls them the Bollywood Boyz and that should just be their name.Viking Raiders come out to face Hawkins and Ryder, who are hoping for pyro, but don’t get it. They also don’t get a win as the Viking Experience ends it with Hawkins taking a picture-perfect bump for it all and putting his arms out wide to take the slam.

Back at the restaurant, four guards break up a Lashley and Rusev brawl. Rey comes out and talks about Brock before Heyman says that as an advocate, he isn’t drafted anywhere and that NO ONE CAN HANDLE BROCK LESNAR. Brock has been salivating for revenge and that will come at Crown Jewel when Rey gives Cain to Brock on a silver platter. Shelton comes in and complains about Rey not being able to defend himself or his own son. Shelton talks about training Brock in college, rooming with him, and Brock is his family. Outside of Heyman, no one knows Brock better than he does. Shelton shoves him around before Cain comes down, takes him down and throws some terrible punches. King is RIGHT THERE – have him train guys on how to punch.

Seth says that The Fiend is in his head and then Humberto walks in and Seth demands a match with him now. A Riyadh season video airs hyping up WWE’s float with Taker’s appearance. Carrillo’s tron is a bit better but his theme is still terrible and he gets no reaction. Kneeling superkick gets 2 for Seth. Pump kick and a tornado kick hit for Carrillo before a DDT sets up the Aztec press, but it only gets 2. Superkick into a stomp ends it for Seth. Truth pins the wrong Singh and doesn’t regain his 24/7 Title.

The Street Profits come in through the crowd and Montez enters in the goofiest and best way possible. Dude is just a fountain of charisma. It was a six man, but now it isn’t and it’s just them against Gallows and Anderson. Montez is a face in peril with Gallows until AJ attacks. Kevin Owens comes down to help out and was apparently the third man and lands a stunner before the sky high from Dawkins leads to the frog splash from Ford and they win. Good stuff – not a classic, but it got the act over and they looked like stars.

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