Pull List Roundtable 11/6/2019 – Legion of Super-Heroes, X-Force, New Mutants, Undiscovered Country & More!

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John Babos

6 books this week.

  • Deathstroke #49
  • Infected Shazam #1
  • Justice League #31
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #1
  • Wonder Twins #9
  • Young Justice #10

James Fulton

Big week, with some big debuts:

  • Legion of Super-Heroes – I’ve been a Legion fan for decades, although not of recent work featuring them for a long time. The Legion has barely worked since Zero Hour, and now the man to bring them back is Brian Michael Bendis? I’m sceptical, to say the least, but their appearances so far have been better than I’ve expected, so I remain hopeful that this new take on them is going to work. At the least, with Ryan Sook involved, it will be pretty.
  • New Mutants – This is maybe my most anticipated Dawn of X series, with Ed Brisson collaborating with Jonathan Hickman to write it, and with the intriguing Rod Reis providing art. It’s good to see so many of the classic characters back, and I’m hoping this will be good.
  • Undiscovered Country – I’ve had enough of Scott Snyder’s DC writing, but this new Image title has him collaborating with the more reliable Charles Soule, and features art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and a blighted near future America. I’m intrigued.
  • X-Force – The character lineup looks cool, and Ben Percy’s Green Arrow was good. I’m down to check this out, but after the disappointments of Marauders and Excalibur, I’m downgrading my anticipation.
  • I’m also looking forward to reading new issues of Berserker Unbound, Daredevil, Deadly Class, Deathstroke, Die, Dr. Aphra, Grendel: Devil’s Odyssey, Immortal Hulk, Killers, Manifest Destiny, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, and Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated.
  • I’m on the fence about Yondu.

Mike Maillaro

  • Legion of Super-Heroes #1 – Loved Bendis’s take on The Legion so far! Been missing the Legion for a while, and it’s great to see that we are finally getting them in a new ongoing series. LLTL!
  • New Mutants #1 and X-Force #1 –Dawn of X has been a great follow up to House of X/Powers of X so far. These are actually two of the books I was most excited about from Dawn of X, so nice to get them both at the same time.
  • Addams Family The Bodies Issue #1 – I am a huge fan of the many different incarnations of the Addams Family. My kids are too! Can’t wait to share this issue with them. Hopefully it will lead to more Addams comics.
  • Dragonfly And Dragonflyman #1 (Of 5) – This book serves as a prologue for Ahoy Comics’ The Wrong Earth about a superhero and his dark mirror who end up swapping universes. They did a nice preview for this series for Free Comics Book Day. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Locke and Key: Dog Days #1 – With Joe Hill heading up a horror line at DC, it’s nice to get a little more Locke and Key. That might just be his most important work. I know the story was basically done, but I still think there are a lot of stories to be told in that world.
  • Immortal Hulk #26 – I know I am in the minority, but I didn’t get issue 25 at all. I keep reading how it’s one of the most important Hulk issues ever, but to me it was just boring and wandered too far away from everything I love about this book. Glad to see the Leader back, hopefully this issue will build on that.
  • Undiscovered Country #1 – No this isn’t an adaptation of a Star Trek movie, this is a new series from Image from Scott Snyder and Charles Soule. Kind of hard to pass that combination up. In the near future, the United States has sealed itself off from the rest of the world. When a virus breaks out, the world has to scramble to save itself.
  • Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated #2,
  • Berserker Unbound #4 (Of 4)
  • Grendel Devil’s Odyssey #2 (Of 8)
  • Batman #82
  • Batman Universe #5 (Of 6)
  • Dreaming #15
  • Green Lantern Blackstars #1 (Of 3)
  • Harley Quinn #67
  • Infected King Shazam #1
  • Justice League #35
  • Lois Lane #5 (Of 12)
  • Superman Up In The Sky #5 (Of 6)
  • Wonder Twins #9 (Of 12)
  • Young Justice #10
  • DuckTales Silence And Science #3 (Of 3)
  • Marvel Action Avengers #8
  • Marvel Action Black Panther #5
  • Marvel Action Captain Marvel #3 (Of 3)
  • Die #9
  • Space Bandits #5 (Of 5)
  • Spawn #302
  • Absolute Carnage Weapon Plus #1
  • Amazing Spider-Man #33
  • Black Cat #6
  • Daredevil #13
  • Doctor Doom #2
  • Fantastic Four #16
  • Magnificent Ms. Marvel #9
  • Miles Morales Spider-Man #12
  • Savage Avengers #7
  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra #38
  • Web Of Black Widow #3 (Of 5)
  • Killers #5 (Of 5)
  • Livewire #12