WWE Raw 1/6/20 Recap – Big Show Returns

Brock and Heyman come down and Heyman says Brock will make history by entering the Rumble at number one and winning the Royal Rumble while WWE Champion. Well, Roman already did that and defended the title in the Rumble while Brock himself won the Rumble in 2003 – so this is just something that sounds interesting, but really doesn’t hold water. Rey’s out to face Andrade for the US Title. Andrade is once again in orange, which looks absolutely terrible. They have a solid little battle until Rey goes for a rana off the apron and gets thrown into Zelina. Rey gets tossed into the steps and they tease a stoppage, but Andrade beats him with the hammerlock DDT. In theory, this should all be making Andrade a bigger deal, but all of his wins come off as Rey’s skills diminishing and not Andrade rising to beat a legend.

Owens talks about how he and Joe don’t play well with others – but tonight, they need an ally tonight for a six-man tag against Seth and AOP. Viking Raiders, Street Profits, and The OC go at it in a very bland tag title triple threat. Montez is a shining light with a giant flip dive taking out Montez and Gallows. Hanson wins with a giant splash on Anderson. Becky comes out cosplaying as The Bride and says she has to beat her this year. Asuka says it will be EZ-PZ and gets laid out. Mojo looks in Rowan’s cage. Andrade cuts a promo with Rey’s mask. Rowan beats up a jobber and shows him what’s in the cage and comes up bloody.

AJ faces Tozawa in a match that existed to troll Orton as he pounds the mat and wins with an RKO. A wedding recap leads to the priest getting tackled because security didn’t know it was a fan before Lana and Lashley come down for another recap of the wedding, only Rusev shows clips of him ruining everything from a green screen beach. Rusev wants Lashley next week and Lashley wants him as revenge for last week. Liv is backstage with Truth and says she’ll be in Rusev’s corner – it’s a moment she’d live for. Charlotte beats up Sarah Logan for destroying her robe and then demands the ref get it for her. She’s a babyface, right?

Drew faces and destroys No Way Jose. He then cuts a babyface promo about wanting to fight for the World title in WWE, and now he’ll have to win the Rumble to get it. Aleister Black faces Shelton before Murphy comes down and beats him up before he can pin him off Black Mass. Murphy kicks his ass and actually gets to look strong. Big Show returns as the partner against AOP and Seth. Show moved around pretty well when he ran, which wasn’t often – but it wasn’t like everyone was just running into everything. Seth hits a chair across Show’s back to prevent a double chokeslam and the heels lose via DQ before Joe and KO send everyone packing.