DC Comics Universe & Nightwing #68 Spoilers & Review: 80 Years Of Dick Grayson, Robin & Nightwing With Batman As Ric Grayson Remembers! Plus Talon & Court Of Owls!

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DC Comics Universe and Nightwing #68 Spoilers and Review follows.

80 Years Of Dick Grayson, Robin and Nightwing With Batman As Ric Grayson Remembers!

Plus Talon and Court Of Owls!

We open with three pages…

…that capture 80 years of Dick Grayson…

…as Robin and Nightwing signifying…

…that Ric Grayson remembers who he once was!

The Talon and Court of Owls realize this, but still want the Gray Son in their fold.

Grayson sheds the Talon armor, costume and weaponry realizing that is not who he is…

…or how he prefers to fight.

The book ends with Talon falling of a bridge, Grayson unable to save him…

…but he’s saved by one of the four police officers, Hutch this time, who are a team of Nightwings wearing Grayson’s old costumes, and ends up in his girlfriend’s arms.

The Pulse:

A satisfying end, a nice opening three pages, and decent art. A fun and entertaining book. 8 out of 10.

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