Marvel Comics Universe & X-Men / Fantastic Four #1 Spoilers & Review: Dawn Of X Includes A FIGHT Over Franklin Richards & A Betrayal?!

Marvel Comics Universe and X-Men / Fantastic Four #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Dawn Of X Includes A FIGHT Over Franklin Richards and…

…A Betrayal?!

We open with a dramatis personae where the X-Men outnumber the extended Fantastic Four family.

We then get a brief summary on Franklin Richards’ backstory; the one-time blonde is now dark haired among other things.

On Krakoa, Professor X Charles Xavier and Magneto ask Kitty Pryde…

…to recruit the mutant son of Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman to the X-Men.

Frankling Richards is happy to see Kitty Pryde again…


…but the adults times together…

…is tense to say the least.

Kitty takes Frankin and genuinely tells him to make his own mind up.

So, he decides to visit Krakoa, but the portal doesn’t work…

…because his dad experiment on him and used science to hide his mutant gene.

Frankling and his sister stow away on Kitty’s ship, but she’s not going to Krakoa yet and…

…they all have a Doctor Doom problem.

The book ends with a tease of X-Men / Fantastic Four #2.

The Pulse:

An interesting issue with AMAZING art. Very intriguing story. 8 out of 10.

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