WWE Raw 2/10/20 Recap – Shayna Baszler Debuts

The show starts off with hype for MVP’s VIP Lounge with Drew alongside Joe, KO, and the Viking Raiders facing Seth’s team in a best of 5,000 series in some form this year. He rambles on for a while before KO tells him that he talks too much and he’ll just keep fighting. They all brawl and Joe comes back and chokes Seth out. Becky and Asuka have a fast forward version of a good match with Becky winning fairly quickly with the Manhandle slam, which is now just a Rock Bottom sans the pumphandle and she doesn’t do it with all that much oomph. Either way, it gets the win Shayna chokes her out and then bites her neck. Well, it’s goofy, but it’s also a level of in-canon viciousness that no woman has ever had before.

Becky gets tended to and then leaves before Moss and Mojo are out to lose to the Street Profits. They quickly destroy Moss with the Cashout before Mojo of course teases problems with his new ally after two weeks and then Moss cradles Mojo to win the 24/7 Title. Well that’s certainly a thing that doesn’t really change Mojo’s fortunes for the better, but slightly protects Moss. Becky says she needs to go to the hospital before shoving the ambulance driver out to drive herself to the hospital. Well that’s just a bridge too far – IT’S A LOCAL MEDICAL FACILITY dammit!

MVP comes out and NOW he gets an MVP chant. He says he shouldn’t have left WWE because of course he is going to say that. He says he had to come back ballin’ and then heels on the fans. Drew comes down and then the velvet rope guys ask for Drew’s name and he just lets himself in. MVP tells him that Drew needs him and then eats a headbutt and then the 3-2-1 Claymore sends MVP over his couch. So MVP has his “last match in WWE” against Rey and then does this, which would logically lead to MVP vs. Drew as a tuneup for Mania and actually be a better match.

Angel Garza is out with Zelina to get himself over in one segment and does just that. He says no woman can resist him before Humberto runs down and they brawl before Garza has to face Alexander. So…Garza the heel has to overcome the odds? Garza beats him quickly with the Wing Clipper, which beyond being a terrible name is an even worse finisher. Dude has a heck of a scowl during his intense cover though, and that might help get this act over. Sarah Logan calls out Rhea Ripley and they exchange…kinda insults? Well that’s a match I guess.

Logan calls her out and Rhea kills her with Riptide quickly before Charlotte claps away on the ramp. Charlotte-Ripley is hyped up nicely with them bringing up Ripley’s Takeover match briefly. Lashley vs. Ricochet is set up as a way to show that Ricochet can beat a man LIKE Brock. Ricochet eats a ton of offense, but comes back with fast kicks and takes him down before absolutely crushing Lashley with the 630. This wasn’t long enough to be good, but was a solid highlight reel win to hype up Ricochet for Brock.

Orton comes out and Matt Hardy comes down and calls him out for taking out Edge. He brings up their issues before, but that’s the past and they also started as guys just wanting to make it to WWE. He says that both he and Edge love wrestling and love the fans. He can’t imagine having his career ending before he was ready like Edge did. He and Edge bonded after the retirement. Orton RKOs him and lands a conchairto. Ruby talks about knowing the real Liv and calls her a dog that she has to led around. She’s nothing but a follower and she’ll put Liv in her place.

Aleister Black squashes Akira Tozawa in what is surely a better use of Tozawa than him being an over act on 205 Live. He cuts a long, rambling promo in HHH’s long, overly-worded promo with weird emphasis on words about people being trapped with him. Becky returns barely being able to see over the wheel of the ambulance and says she doesn’t care who Shayna hangs around with – she’s made them all pay and she’ll break her down week by week. The 8-man tag is a collection of brawling with a few dives until Joe eats a stomp and Murphy steals the pin.

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