DC Comics Universe & The Terrifics #25 Spoilers & Review: Milestone Issues Reveals Mister Terrific As A Traitor To His Team & DC’s Vilest Villain?!

DC Comics Universe and The Terrifics #25 Spoilers and Review follows.

Milestone Issue Reveals Mister Terrific As A…

…Traitor To His Team and DC’s Vilest Villain?!

Looks like the Terrifics are caught in some kind of reality bending…


The possibilities they, the team, maneuver deliberately feels like a your adventure game to the reader.

In the end, readers learn that Mister Terrific has created the T-Infinity; a device that can split reality into different brances. It is a device the solves the “game”, but…

…seems to reveal that he’s played his teammates in this “game” unknowingly. The T-Infinity must now be under lock and key.

I wonder how all this reality-bending plays into Generation Zero?

The Pulse:

A complex and tough-at-times-to-read issue with decent art. 5 out of 10.

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