DC Comics Universe & Shazam #11 Spoilers & Review: Two HUGE Betrayals As Superboy Prime Looms While Black Adam & The Monster Society Debut!

DC Comics Universe and Shazam #11 Spoilers and Review follows.

Two HUGE Betrayals As Superboy Prime Looms While…

…Black Adam and The Monster Society Debut!

The book opens where the last one ended with the Wizard taking back the power of Shazam from Billy Batson’s biological dad.

Billy then fights the Wizard…

…who realizes he can’t take back Billy’s powers not Black Adam’s because he gave it to them.

The Shazam Family try to help Billy Batson, but…

…the Wizard is trying to explain why he needs all their powers.

Billy then uses his powers to push the powers of Shazam back from the Wizard to his dad; the Wizard is banished back to the Rock of Eternity before gleaning something about Billy Batson’s dad CC Batson.

Black Adam attacks and in response CC Beck alleges to the use the Wisdom of Solomon to cast a spell on Black Adam!

Billy Batson in turn actually uses the Wisdon of Solomon and learns that CC Beck is being controlled by Mister Mind!

The book ends then with the debut of the Mister Mind’s Monster Society on Earth while…

…Superboy Prime orchestrates a prison break from the Monsterlands.

The Pulse:

A lot of action and intrigues with awesome art. Betrayals by the Wizard and CC Beck in a fashion gut, but don’t stop Billy Batson from doing what needs dine. Great issue. 9 out of 10.

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