What’s Next For John Byrne’s X-Men: Elsewhen? How Many Unsanctioned Marvel Comics Issues Are There?

What’s Next For John Byrne’s X-Men: Elswhen? How Many Unsanctioned Marvel Comics Issues Are There?

The first nine issues of X-Men: Elsewhen that writer-artist John Byrne has worked on is available for free on our site’s hashtag here as well as his multi-faceted site. Fans are loving it and even creating covers as Byrne indicated he hasn’t been; check out the fan cover below using John Byrne X-Men art.

He is taking a break from daily posting of comics pages, one per day, until April 6, 2020. The reason he has given is the following.

      Unfortunately, being so far ahead is what’s forcing this pause in posting. As the storylines morph and warped and twisted—as they almost always do—pages moved around a lot. This has left me with a couple of issues with holes in them, holes that need filling.

      Since I don’t want to end up in a pencil-and-post scenario, this break will allow me to “catch up”.

Byrne has also revealed how many issues he has drawn.

      For those who are curious, pages are drawn as far out as issue 11.

Fans, like James Woodcock, are marveling at Byrne’s output.

      Once again, I marvel (no pun intended) at the fact that John Byrne is giving us fully plotted, pencilled, scripted, lettered issues of an X-Men comic, where none of the panels are deficit in detail and the content is every bit as complete as a published comic book.

      And he is GIVING this to the audience.

      This is getting on for what? Two years’ worth of work now?

      This is truly an act of love to his audience and I really hope the comic community at large really do give this the acknowledgement it deserves.

      Thank you.

John Byrne plans to resume his once-per-day posting of pages for X-Men: Elsewhen on April 6, 2020, but he has shared the first page of issue #10 with fans.

That would mean that all pages from issues #10 and #11 issues should be posted completely by around May 22, 2020. So, are you digging this Byrne fan fiction?

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