ThunderCats Ultimates Series 3 By Super 7 Announced

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Super 7 has officially announced the full wave of ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 3! This 6″ super-poseable action figure wave will include the following figures with accessories:

-Short Staff
-Long Staff
-Extra Hands
-Running Head
-Open Communicator
-Closed Communicator
-Mirror Flute

-Extra hands
-No helmet head
-Soft goods cape
-Sword of Omens
-Sleeping Sword of Omens
-Old Jaga head (not pictured yet)
-Magic Cloth (not pictured yet)

-Alternate Head
-Long Axe Short
-Axe Mace

Captain Cracker
-Extra Hands
-Alternate Head
-Polly the Parrot
-Alternate Polly Wings

These are scheduled to be releases in Spring 2021. These can be pre-ordered now at Entertainment Earth!

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