Marvel Comics Universe & Tarot #4 Spoilers & Review: As Avengers / Fantastic Four Empyre Event Looms, Avengers / Defenders Series Ends!

Marvel Comics Universe and Tarot #4 Spoilers and Review follows.

As Avengers / Fantastic Four Empyre Event Looms…

…Avengers / Defenders Series Ends!

The book opens with all-new all-different Avengers and Defenders fighting an unknown threat; we have to go back to last issue get the new nom de guerre for these oddities.

Turns out some kids have mystical all powerful Tarot cards and that’s caused these hijinks.

They conjure beasts and creatures of all kinds…

…to take on the Avengers and Defenders.

Well, the rebooted Iron Man convinces the kids to trade the Tarot cards to him…

…for something cooler!

They do and…

…both teams go back to normal.

There are two more final pages to the issue, but in the end its back to status quo.

The Pulse:

Decent art and interesting plot. Didn’t see the last consequences of this series though or why it matters to what is going on in Marvel in 2020. Great to see Alan Davis writing, but his art may have made the interiors pop more as did his cover. A fun, but seemingly irrelevant issue and series. 5 out of 10; only this high due to Alan Davis’ involvement. For any other creator this series and this issue would probably be a 2.

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