WWE Raw 4-13-20 Recap

Brock vs. Drew from Mania is recapped before Drew comes out and King says Drew’s win over Brock at Mania, in front of zero people, was THE BIGGEST WIN IN WWE HISTORY. Drew talks about that win and then we get some commentary over his win over Big Show. Andrade comes out and says that he’s the US Champ and he wants Drew. Drew accepts and Andrade says that in their last match, Andrade took his title and took him out – referencing the NXT Title win. Now why they didn’t say that directly or show it after this is beyond me – it’s a story point that they don’t expand upon despite desperately trying to fill time on these shows.

Asuka taps Ruby Riott to get into the women’s MITB match. MVP is in his backstage VIP lounge and runs down the mens qualifiers next week. Rey faces Murphy, Austin Theory faces Aleister Black, and MVP will face Apollo Crews as well. Aleister Black faces Oney Lorcan in a great striking-filled battle. King mocks Lorcan’s name and then Lorcan eats a V trigger and the lifting Black Mass ends it. Becky says she was born to survive everything and she’ll challenge whoever wants her title the most. Andrade says he’ll hold the WWE Title. Sarah Logan comes out to be massacred by Shayna, and Shanya beats her down with hammerfists and then does the armsnapper stomp to end it. So then they just announce that Logan wins – not by DQ, not by reversal of a decision or anything, but she just won.

Seth is backstage waxing poetic about his career being crucified. Austin Theory faces Akira Tozawa, with Tozawa looking good with a senton off the apron that King calls a name that he shouldn’t have used. Theory beats him with the TKO called the ATL. Andrade hits a draping hammerlock DDT to Tozawa. A hype video airs for Drew McIntyre’s Chronicle documentary. Rey says he knows the MITB match is dangerous, but he needs to do it. Seth stares backstage like a robot and says he’s still here for us. Angel Garza comes out and kisses a woman at ringside with a camera. He beats Hootie Miles with a wing clipper before Andrade comes out and lays out this jobber with another draping hammerlock DDT. I dig this – in ONE SHOW, they’re getting the move over as a killer.

Asuka is interviewed about winning and dances. Kairi says she has confidence against Nia and Asuka dances some more. Drew says he worked his ass off and became WWE Champion and he doesn’t forget losing to Andrade. Nia bowls over Kairi before beating her with a press slam into the Samoan drop. Charlotte cuts a bitchy promo about Io Shirai winning the ladder match – and now she’ll teach her a lesson and she woos. Lashley’s post-WM promo about wanting a new wife airs. Lashley faces No Way Jose and Lashley complains to Lana about needing her to shut up. Jose gets a 2 count off a schoolboy because he’s distracted by thinking about Lana distracting him, I guess. Giant chokeslam hits and the flipping spear ends it. Seth cuts another brooding promo about needing to stomp out doubt.

Viking Raiders have an overly-long squash match against some jobbers before we get a Street Profits promo. Montez puts his wife over and she comes in as the EST of WWE. Andrade and Drew have a far too short match for the main event. It’s an abridged match with them just doing highspots before the claymore ends it. Seth superkicks Drew and stomps him to put himself into title contention…after being cleanly pinned at Mania. Sure why not.

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