WWE 6/29/20 – Double Contract Signings

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Joe brings out Sasha and Asuka for a contract signing, but a brawl breaks out before Dolph comes out and Drew is out for their signing. Dolph says he’ll end Drew’s redemption. Drew says he had to be fired and go through hell to become the champion before Sasha says she’ll be come a double champion while Bayley does chest presses with each belt. Bayley says Sasha winning will be the horror show before cackling “HOW DO YA LIKE THAT HUH!?”. Troll Bayley is the best Bayley and we get more of the women’s division brawling.

Show talks down to Andrade and Garza and Zelina talks smack about him being disrespectful to set up an issue between them. Show cuts a promo about being a legend before Zelina interrupts him and says his days are numbered and before they can circle him, Ric Flair comes down and says that Randy will take Show out whenever he wants. Flair says that Show’s had his run, he’ll be in the hall of fame, but he’s busy making cartoons on Netflix and when Show is taken out, Orton will be a bigger legend killer. Garza and Andrade face the Viking Raiders and Garza beats Rowe with the Wing Clipper after Hanson tosses Andrade around.

Ruby Riott is all weird and awkward with the IIconics and tells them to pick one to face her so the other can lift them up and carry them to the back before Ruby does their IICONIC bit. I think this was a babyface turn for the IIconics. Maybe. They were presented as less annoying, so that’s a win. Flair meets with Zelina and her goons because he has an idea. I sense a handicap match. Tozawa and his ninjas and 24/7 Title over his garb gets a jobber intro and Truth schoolboys him to win the title before a ninja attacks to try and win the title. Joe’s call of “he beat a ninja with deception” almost made all this worth it.

MVP talks to Lashley and taking out Crews before Seth and his goons come out to recap the rivalry and Seth cuts a long, rambling promo that isn’t made any better by the lack of even a fake crowd reaction. He wants forgiveness and Rey asks forgiveness from Dom for what he has to do to Seth. Seth and Murphy face Carrillo and Aleister Black and Carrillo eats a doomsday flying knee strike for 2. Carrillo gets a schoolboy for 2 before eating the stomp and that ends it before Murphy and Black brawl and Seth joins in for a double team. Seth puts Rey’s mask on Humberto and goes to take his eye out before Black saves him before Seth hits a runaway stomp on Humberto on the steps. Okay that part of this whole thing was great, but Seth’s act is unbearable.

Drew calls Asuka the empress of claymore country before their mixed tag match against their challengers at Extreme Rules. A Taker tribute video airs set to “The Reckoning” by Within Temptation. Nia is shown taking out Charlotte before Peyton comes out to face Ruby Riott. Ruby eats defeat to a gamenguri and a spinning brainbuster. Show talks about Flair mentoring Orton and that makes Orton the most dangerous Apex Predator in WWE…isn’t he the only one in WWE anyway? Is that a particularly crowded field? Show faces Garza and Andrade and beats Andrade with a chokeslam after Garza argues with Andrade and leaves him. Boy has Andrade’s stock fallen fast and hard. And then he gets KO punched with a “Big Show!” chant in the background.

Ricochet, Cedric, and Apollo meet with Truth about being fighting champions. MVP faces Crews and beats him with a big boot and a fisherman suplex. This was the best MVP has looked in the ring in eons. Lashley attacks leading to Lashley vs. Ricochet. They have a solid match with tons of interference before Lashley taps him with the full nelson. Lashley’s deep locking of the hands actually makes this look like a credible finish at a main event level – hopefully he winds up getting the US Title during all this. Bayley tells Dolph to not screw this up for Sasha tonight. Dolph and Sasha face off with Drew and Asuka in a nothing match that Sasha wins by turning the Asuka Lock into a cradle to win – so that will get a nearfall at the PPV.