DC Comics Universe & Teen Titans #43 Spoilers & Review: Stealth Legion Of Super-Heroes Visit As Batman Looms & Robin’s Blood Lust Tests The Titans?!

DC Comics Universe and Teen Titans #43 Spoilers and Review follows.

Stealth Legion Of Super-Heroes Visit As Batman Looms and…

…Robin’s Blood Lust Tests The Titans?!

The other half of the Super Sons duo, Jon Kent Superboy now part of the Legion of Super-Heroes, visits from the future to tell Damian Wayne Robin that he is worried about him.

While the future isn’t certain, the path Damian is on good be a descent he can’t return from. They agree to disagree and go their separate ways.

Elsewhere, Batman continues to be troubled by his son’s darkened demeanor…

…wondering what he has planned.

We finally get into Damian’s head space and he believes even he is at a crossroads.

He is hunting the KGBeast because he shot Dick Grayson in the head and has not bee punished for it.

As he seemingly begins his descent into murder and killing the KGBeast…

…the Teen Titans confront him over his presumed killing of Baron Blood! He admits to it, there is a Teen Titans civil war, but they come to Robin’s aid as KGBeast plans to murder him…

…to only have Damian Wayne maim him!

Batman joins the hunt for Robin in the next issue, Teen Titans #44, in stores on August 19, 2020.

The Pulse:

An emotional roller coaster of an issue with two big guests stars as Robin’s seeming downward spiral continues. The art felt inconsistent and got weaker as the issue got to the end. 5 out of 10.

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