Marvel Comics Universe & Fantastic Four #22 Spoilers & Review: Empyre Tie-In Has X-Men’s Wolverine & Amazing Spider-Man Vs. Cotati “Meat” Allies?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Fantastic Four #22 Spoilers and Review follows.

Empyre Tie-In Has X-Men’s Wolverine and Amazing Spider-Man Vs…

…Cotati “Meat” Allies?!

We open with a storyline catch-up, dramatis personae and creators’ credits page.

Wolverine and everyone is dealing with fallout from him skewering Skrull N’Kalla not realizing (1) she was a kid and (2) she was a friendly.

N’Kalla’s kid rival, Kree Jo-Venn, believes if she is to die it should be by her hands; yes, he’s a friendly too.

In the midst of all this, including Spider-Man being on the scene, the Dark Harvest attack and reveal their loyalties to the invading alien plant force Cotati.

Inside, N’Kalla doesn’t die, but she is in stable condition.

In the battle outside, the Dark Harvest unlock the Kree boy’s mind, realizing he can help them get to the ultimate Kree weapon, and then kidnap him!

The Dark Harvest make their way into the Fantastic Four’s building and…

…are confronted by the Incredible Hulk and Ghost Rider!

They scare off the Dark Harvest, but it was really Brainstorm and Powerhouse, the Fantastic Four kids, not the Hulk or Spirit of Vengeance.

The book ends with the emergence of a new Fantastic Four, while the OGs are in space, on a mission to find the kidnapped Jo-Venn.

The Pulse:

Another great Empyre tie-in in an ongoing series. SO MUCH better than any of the Empyre mini-series or one-shots I have read so far. Great art and compelling story. 8 out of 10.

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