DC Comics Universe & Batman / Superman #11 Spoilers & Review: World’s Finest Civil War As Justice Society Of America (JSA) Makes Presence Felt… Painfully!


DC Comics Universe and Batman / Superman #11 Spoilers and Review follows.

World’s Finest Civil War As…

…Justice Society Of America (JSA) Makes Presence Felt… Painfully!

The Ultra-Humanite now controls Batman and has made him an atomic bomb last issue (full spoilers here) as a way to destroy Superman.

Superman crashes the party…

…a fight ensues, during Batman is struggling to get out from under Ultra-Humanite’s control, so Superman does something drastic…

…and Batman is seemingly killed for the greater good.

However, Batman is alive as Superman did a bit of surgery to deactivate the bomb in Batman’s chest…

…so both heroes can defeat a drone of Ultra-Humanite!

The book begins to end with Batman doing surgery on himself to remove the bomb from his chest and looking to find out who had jailed the Atomic Skull in the first place; that bleeds into this week’s pretty critical Teen Titans Annual #2 (full spoilers here).

The book actually ends on Atomic Skull being resurrected as Brainiac looms.

The Pulse:

An emotional issue that speaks to the bond between the World’s Finest, but seems divorced from what’s happending in each leads’ own ongoing independent ongoing series. Great art though. 6 out of 10.

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