DC Comics Universe & Wonder Woman #761 Spoilers & Review: Maxwell Lord’s Redemption Or Ploy As Liar Liar Exposed!

DC Comics Universe and Wonder Woman #761 Spoilers and Review follows.

Maxwell Lord’s Redemption Or Ploy…

…As Liar Liar Exposed!

Wonder Woman is being looked at by a physician after destroying a city block and the military last issue after…

…seeing what was not there!

Even now she sees the Cheetah instead of Etta Candy.

Turns out a mobile device and app…

…is what Liar Liar is using to dupe and control people.

The app was developed by Lord Enterprise formerly run by the now incarcerated telepath Maxwell Lord.

Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth and…

…while Lord turned out to be a prominent threat…

…he isn’t behind the mind control app.

Wonder Woman even sees him as her half-brother and foe Ares, but before he can snap her out of it she flies off.

The book ends with the not-so-secret revelation that Wonder Woman’s neighbor is the new villainess Liar Liar, but what is new she is working for her yet-to-be-revealed father?! Perhaps someone we know?

The Pulse:

An intriguing tale with solid art. 8 out of 10.

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