What The World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – April 25, 1995

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A replay of the Sandman winning the ECW Championship from Shane Douglas at Hostile City Showdown airs.

There is a replay of the Mikey Whipwreck-Steve Richards match from Hostile City Showdown, along with the Public Enemy saving Whipwreck and Hack Myers from Raven, Richards, and the Pitbulls.

The Pitbulls say that they want a shot at the Sandman’s ECW title.

Mikey Whipwreck is at a hotel, saying that the Sandman winning the ECW Championship is the worst thing to happen to the promotion and he would be like a title shot, even if he gets his ass kicked.

Cactus Jack warns Shane Douglas to think before he acts and possibly disrupts his ECW title shot against the Sandman.

Raven, Steve Richards, and Beulah McGuillicutty are talking backstage. Richards is excited over the Sandman winning the ECW title because he sucks. Raven just slaps him.

Hack Myers says that the Sandman is a disgrace and he wants a shot at the ECW title.

ECW Tag Team Champions the Public Enemy do not have a high opinion of the Sandman. They do think Woman is expensive.

Paul E. Dangerously argues that the Dangerous Alliance is one step away from possessing the ECW Championship.

Footage of the Sandman beating up Cactus Jack at the end of Hostile City Showdown airs.

After recapping the Tommy Dreamer-Raven feud, their match at Hostile City Showdown is shown. Joey Styles says that Dreamer will not rest until he pins Raven.

ECW Champion the Sandman is interviewed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As he smokes a cigarette, he brags about having Cactus Jack and Shane Douglas at odds over who gets the first title shot against him.

Shane Douglas’ attorney says that Douglas is under contract with ECW and will honor his obligations. Douglas is arguing that the Sandman submitted to a crossface chickenwing when the Sandman fell on top of him for the winning fall at Hostile City Showdown. Since ECW is unlikely to rectify the situation, Douglas is now seeking offers from other promotions.

Cactus Jack tells reporters in Florida that he is happy to be in a blood feud and for a big title to be on the line at the same time. While other promoters never gave him a title shot in the past because they said it was not important to him, Jack says it does matter to him now and that Douglas should be happy for him for a change.

Shane Douglas’ attorney says that her client feels that the Sandman is a disgrace. Douglas reportedly wishes Jack the best of luck, even though he is not happy his best friend would take a title shot that does not belong to him.

ECW Champion the Sandman hypes himself as a new role model and that kids need to smoke, drink, and fight to get what they want.

The Last Word: The theme running through this show of ECW wrestlers disrespecting the Sandman was great character work. ECW is doing a nice build for its Florida loop, creating tension between Cactus Jack and Shane Douglas over the title in a callback to their teaming up the previous month at the ECW Arena against the Sandman and Terry Funk.

ECW ran a few house shows in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Here were the results of those shows, courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com:

Mifflintown, Pennsylvania – Juniata High School – April 28, 1995 (185): Taz beat Hack Myers…Tommy Dreamer pinned Raven…Ron Simmons pinned Shane Douglas…Television Champion Eddie Guerrero pinned Dean Malenko…Axl Rotten beat Ian Rotte in a taped fist match…ECW Champion the Sandman beat Mikey Whipwreck…Marty Jannetty pinned Jim Neidhart…ECW Tag Team Champions the Public Enemy defeated the Pitbulls in a falls count anywhere match…Cactus Jack beat Terry Funk.

Dover, Delaware – Caesar Rodney High School – April 29, 1995 (375): Hack Myers & Mikey Whipwreck beat Raven & Steve Richards…Marty Jannetty beat Shane Douglas…Ron Simmons defeated Jim Neidhart…Television Champion Eddie Guerrero wrestled Dean Malenko to a double count out…ECW Tag Team Champions the Public Enemy defeated the Pitbulls…Axl Rotten defeated Ian Rotte in a barbed wire baseball bat match…ECW Champion the Sandman wrestled Tommy Dreamer to a no contest…Cactus Jack pinned Terry Funk.

Backstage News*: Shane Douglas suffered a throat injury against Marty Jannetty in Dover, Delaware. However, he will still be able to make ECW’s weekend shows in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, Florida. While Douglas wore a WWF t-shirt to the Dover show, he is unlikely to make a jump until the fall because he is not going to give up his regular job of being a history teacher.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for May 8.

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