WWE Raw 10/12/20 – Draft Night Two

A day late on this one due to some Comcast-related internet issues after a storm. Fortunately, it’s a draft show – and a noteworthy one at that. We get some draft hype before Orton rambles on for a while about beating Drew on Raw – giving him his first pinfall loss in almost a year. Drew tells him to gloat now while he can and they brawl around ringside before Drew sends him packing. KO faces Aleister Black tonight in a no DQ match. Stephanie meets with a short dude with a draft envelope. Raw gets Bray, SD gets Bayley, Orton is on Raw, SD gets the Street Profits, and Raw gets Charlotte. KO and Black brawl around the announce area and Owens gets swept and hits face-first on the chair. We get more crazy chair stuff with a four chair setup leading to a meteora through the chairs! This of course only gets 2 and KO avoids Black Mass and gets a stunner and a powerbomb through a table for the win. This was good stuff and quite memorable with the chair usage.

Round 2 of the draft has Raw getting Braun, SD keeping Bryan, Raw getting Riddle, SD getting Kevin Owens, and Raw getting Jeff Hardy – so we’re getting a lot of teams, even makeshift ones just switching brands. Miz and Morrison hype themselves up as the Monday night delights before talking about all the teams breaking up and then Dana and Mandy come out and just seem annoying by Miz and Morrison, as they should.  We get a brawl with Nattie and Lana against them before Miz interviews the Mayor of Slamtown  John Morrison. However, Lars Sullivan comes in and attacks Morrison with Miz bailing. The New Day’s sorta-breakup is shown from SD and Adam Pearce says that the Profits and New Day will just exchange belts. Raw drafts Retribution, while Lars is coming to SD, Raw gets Keith Lee, Baron Corbin is kept on SD, and Raw gets Alexa Bliss.

Seth says goodbye to Raw as they won’t be able to fill the shows he’s leaving before Jeff Hardy comes in to interrupt him and AJ is out in new red, white and blue gear. He says that this was never Monday Night Rollins, but he’s the prince. Jeff baseball slides them down before hitting Poetry in Motion on Seth using AJ as a base. We get a triple threat with them and AJ is I think a heel with breast cancer colors on his gear. AJ avoids the springboard knee, but eats a slingblade. Seth dives on Jeff on the floor and Jeff hits a whisper in the wind on them mid-ring. Seth hits a falcon arrow on AJ for 2 and AJ locks on the calf crusher to Seth before Jeff swantons Seth and AJ goes to steal the pin, but only gets 2.9! Elias comes in and guitar shots Jeff and AJ wins it.

Elias comes to Raw, shockingly after attacking a Raw star. SD keeps Sami Zayn, Raw gets Lacey Evans, SD keeps Cesaro and Nakamura, while Raw gets Sheamus. They show his graphic and list all of these on-paper accomplishments and it just shows how little a Rumble or even four World title wins mean in the last decade of WWE. Lana and Nattie face Dana and Mandy, who stars off working over Lana in the corner. Dana gets a weird somersault into a kinda-clothesline in the corner before Dana hits a shoulder-topping somersault senton for the win. Nattie breaks up the team with Lana because well, they’re losing a lot and she’s terrible. Lana cries and even by wrestling acting standards, this is bad. Ricochet meets with the Hurt Business and wants ONE MORE MATCH and if he wins, they break this up and if he loses, he joins them.

Cedric and his slick suit accept the challenge. Garza’s out to face Andrade and they go with nice, basic mat action and Zelina says after this match, she’s done with them. Byron brings up that she’s lost a lot to Asuka, boy don’t put her over too hard here. Garza gets hiptossed into the buckle and his thigh is already taped up and he hits the Wing Clipper to win it. Zelina says “who cares though?” oh wow. Zelina meets with Andrade before The Fiend’s stuff hits and IT’S ALEXA doing his corner pose. Okay, that’s great and she’s got a presence like she should be in a WWE Films horror movie at some point. Alexa and Bray hit Sister Abigail on them both and this has potential.

Raw gets Nikki Cross, while SD gets Roode and Ziggler, Raw gets Truth, SD gets Apollo Crews to break him up from the group of losers he’s with now, and Raw gets Dabba-Kato,  Kofi and Woods are out with the Raw belts and they face off with Roode and Dolph in a decent little match. Roode and Dolph double team Kofi for 2. Woods gets a big DDT on Dolph for 2 before Kofi saves Woods from a Stinger Splash. Roode hits a spinebuster for 2 and the Midnight Hour hits Roode to end it. Elias says that Jeff hit him with a car and Charly says the attacker is unknown.

Elias says that God may want a private concert with Elias – but it’s not time yet! Okay, that’s a great heel bit. We get a Hurt Business feud recap before Cedric and Ricochet come out for their match. It’s a fine little affair – nothing really special about it unfortunately. Ricochet hits a flip kick out of catching a kick and a high kick before Cedric hits a Michinoku driver for 2. Ricochet gets a chair and does the Eddie fakeout AND IT WORKS so the endless Hurt Business feud is over.

They hype up the dual brand women’s battle royal for a shot at the Raw women’s title, yes, here on the show where the brands are being split up. Keith Lee vs. Braun is hyped up for next week and the final draft picks are made. Titus is staying on Raw, while SD keeps Carmella, Peyton stays on Raw, while SD gets Aleister Black to keep his feud with KO going and Tozawa stays on Raw. They somehow manage to hype this up as a change despite IT KEEPING TRUTH AND TOZAWA ON THE SAME SHOW. Shayna causes Nia’s elimination and Nia goes after Lana and Samoan drops her again through a table. We get an abandon ship battle royal before it settles down to Nattie and Lacey fighting on the apron and Lana kicks Nattie off the apron to win it. Drew and Orton brawl more to close out the show. Other than the Seth-AJ-Jeff match, this was a dreadful show.

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