WWE Raw 10/19/20 – Keith Lee vs. Braun Strowman

Joe hypes up Keith Lee vs. Braun Strowman as the main event before Bray comes down with Alexa mid-ring before they’re surrounded by Retribution. Bray and Alexa standing dead still is pretty good  before the lights go out and Bray and Alexa disappear before the Hurt Business comes out. So who are the heels in all this again? We get a brawl before they end it and we get a Matt Riddle video. Now it’s time for Retribution vs. Hurt Business, not on the PPV but on Raw with no hype. The ref telling Retribution to get back to their corners is hilarious and then THE FIEND lighting and music hits. We get T-Bar vs. Lashley for a bit – and that would be a fun hoss battle. T-BAR TAPS TO THE HURT LOCK. Unreal. Remember when the NWO did all those jobs to start off their war with WCW?

Bray returns and just stands on the apron with Retribution before attacking them before staring down The Hurt Business. AJ Styles is back on Raw with Jordan the Raw Underground bouncer as his bodyguard. Booker T is shown on the Thunderdome and AJ says that they finally drafted a true leader to Raw…um dude you were on SD for like five months during this run. Riddle comes out and the slow-mo flip-flop pop is good stuff. Riddle bumps around for AJ before eating a Styles Clash and losing. Hell of a Raw debut for Riddle. A Drew vs. Orton hype video airs before Drew chats with Charly about Randy excelling in cells and he has none to his record.

Asuka vs. Lana is up and Lana is doing…okay before Nia comes out and jumps Asuka with Shayna to help her. Lana goes through the table again before Asuka takes out Shayna. Shayna and Nia issue a challenge that Dana and Mandy accept. And then Lacey and Peyton come out because they’re partners now for some reason. Riott Squad’s out and they take out the group with a double dive. Nia Samoan drops Lacey to pin her. The Elias-Hardy angle is recapped before Elias sings and Jeff attacks him. Miz and Morrison insult Otis before Tucker tells them that they’re trying to train Otis’ wallet – but he’s got a new partner! Elias says he’ll be celebrating beating Jeff Hardy at HIAC.

New Day’s out and sad over losing Big E. Sheamus comes out to face Kofi and just chucks him into the apron, but Kofi ends him with Trouble in Paradise. Ali says he was the hacker and says that you can’t stop the truth. Titus talks about wanting to join the Hurt Business and he can help them take it WORLDWIDE. They shake and then beat him up. Tucker teams with El Gran Gordo, who may be Otis. We get a nothing match until Truth, Gulak, and Tozawa run around for 24/7 comedy before Lucha House Party takes out Miz before the Worm elbow hits and a Vader bomb ends it.

Mandy gives him a ham and New Day sings for Gordo. Alexa is brought into the Firefly Funhouse. Braun’s out in new gear and they just club each other before Lee gets ballshotted and big booted to end it. Lee hits him in the nuts to build to their future match. Randy comes out and delivers a long, boring promo about the cell and winning the title before Drew comes out and can’t get to him because he locked the door. Riveting. That was it. Wow. Not the best go-home show for the PPV, but it planted the seeds for new stuff with the Fiend.

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