IDW Publishing, Hasbro & Snake Eyes: Deadgame #3 Spoilers & Review: If Snake Eyes As A Modern Day Hercules & Thor Hybrid, What Does That Make A Returning Storm Shadow?

IDW Publishing, Hasbro and Snake Eyes: Deadgame #3 Spoilers and Review follows.

If Snake Eyes Is A Modern Day Hercules and Thor Hybrid, What Does That Make A Returning Storm Shadow?

The book has a few more variant covers on top of the above.

Plus the main cover.

The book opens again with a flashback of Kirigun fighting Thor.

Then in modern day, Kirigun’s daughter Olympia compares Snake Eyes To Heracles (aka Hercules depending on the pantheon you prefer) and…

…which makes his fight with a giant snake (imagery there deliberate since Cobra is G.I. Joe’s main foil) a labour in mythological terms…

…in which he gets help from frenemy Storm Shadow in securing Kirigun’s sword from the snake’s tail…

…who they seemingly kill to end their battle.

We then see Snake Eyes not turn the sword over…

…with Snakes Eyes battling Olympia while Storm Shadow takes on Kirigun.

Storm Shadow gets an exist from a presumed super-hero Bullet Man…

…but Kirigun still gets the sword.

However, Bullet Man has brought G.I. Joe reinforcements which look to have been blended with super-heroics too as one of them looks like Liefeld’s Marvel creation Cable just younger.

The book ends with a look at Snake Eyes: Deadgame #4 (of 5), out on December 30, 2020, which has Snake Eyes wielding the power of the thunder god Thor.

The Pulse:

The most unique G.I. Joe story ever. Mysticism, mythology, super-heroics and more blended with G.I. Joe and Cobra lore. The frenetic art you expect from Liefeld. Entertaining. 8 out of 10.

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