WWE Raw 12-7-20 Recap – Hardy vs. Lashley, Pat Patterson Tribute Show

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The roster is on-stage for a 10 bell salute for Pat Patterson before an Orton-Fiend recap airs and Orton comes down and is drowned out by the audio mixing and Bray does a funhouse with a crusix and Randy challenges happy Bray tonight. Nia hypes Shayna up as one-half of the most-feared women tag champs ever. Asuka and Shayna have a decent little mat-based match, but Lana and Nia engage in goofiness on the floor to send Nia into the post and Shayna of course loses via distraction schoolboy. Hardy vs. Lashley is hyped up alongside Kofi vs. Shelton. Cedric bullies a guy to move a box out of his way while the Hurt Business walks backstage. A Styles-Drew hype video airs before Riddle annoys Dana and Ricochet by offering them a box of bro-nutts. Ricochet tells Sarah that he’s not opposed to being on a team – just on a team of jackasses, which is why he turned down Retribution. We get some horrible shaky cam for Slapjack and Reckoning’s intro against Dana and Ricochet.

Before the faces come out, we get a horrible promo from Retribution backstage rambling about fear and the coming change. Dana beats Reckoning in next to no time with the Samoan Driver. Boy, what a bunch of jobbers this group is. Ali is rightfully pissed at his charges for losing, setting up a logical breakup down the line. Sheamus and Keith Lee are backstage and Lee see that everyone can see Sheamus is going to stab Drew in the back. Miz and Morrison do a horrible bit with AJ before Sheamus comes out and says he’s sick of people saying he’s going to stab Drew in the back. He sees them and is reminded of pub-hobbing and kicking heads off and Miz points out that Sheamo is outnumbered. Drew comes out and they kick ass. A Pat Patterson tribute video airs before Kofi vs. Shelton, two former IC Champs. Shelton gets a powerbomb right into an ankle lock and bodylock. Kofi recovers and hits the trouble in paradise to KO him and win it. Cedric challenges Kofi to fill airtime. I mean, get revenge for his partner in-canon and really try to show him up again to further their issues.

Cedric works the leg over more and then lumbar checks him, with Kofi taking an amzing spinning bump for it, to win. A Symphony of Destruction recap airs before a Pat Patterson “My Way” video airs. This video goes far beyond the one they posted online and shows just how much Pat was beloved by the McMahon family. This was one of the best tribute videos the company has ever produced, and if they do an in-depth documentary on his life, they would have time to go into just how big a deal he was backstage and how he did more to shape the company today than anyone outside of Vince. Drew and Sheamus come out before we get a hype video for the Tribute to the Troops show with the roster doing Zoom calls with troops.

Drew dominates for a bit before an eye poke takes him out. Sheamus tags himself in and gets a Bossman slam-esque Irish Curse. Brogue to Miz and Morrison elbows him, but misses a flying Chucks and rolls out in front of Drew. He ducks the Brogue and Drew eats it before the Phenomenal Forearm hits him to win it. I like that Sheamus’ character is still a complete babyface here – he didn’t try to hit him and then AJ high-fives Omos. Asuka hypes up Lana by making her say she can beat Nia Jax. Backstage, Charly talks with Sheamus who says that Drew will come back here to kick his ass. She asks if it was intentional and he says no because it obviously wasn’t. Drew brawls with Sheamus after a break and really, Drew’s a heel here because in its context, Sheamus didn’t hit him on purpose. Pat Buck and his amazing blue and white window pane suit take a few shots and then he gets outright beaten down by them in unity.

Well good, they’re buds again and just had to fight it out. Riddle chats with Jeff Hardy and he offers Jeff some more bro-nutts and says the Hardy Bros. before saying the Hardy Boyz were one of the best teams ever and now he wants to be the Hardy Bros. with Jeff and their finish could be Broetry in Motion. The announcers have some fun at Riddle’s timing before Joe says he’s just showing good broductivity. They have a slow motion, highspot-less version of a TNA match they’d have had six years ago. Hardy doesn’t get a swanton, but lands on his feet and Lashley spears him before the Hurt Lock ends it. Lashley tosses him into Riddle before MVP steals his donuts. Randy beats up regular Bray for ages until the lights go out and the Fiend mandible claws him. This was actually a great visual to end the show on, but it’s impossible to tell who the face and heel are in this feud.