DC Comics & DC Future State Suicide Squad #2 Spoilers & Review: Infinite Frontier Seeding Gold Beetle, Justice League, Suicide Squad Vs. Teen Titans Academy! Black Adam & DC One Million!

DC Comics and DC Future State Suicide Squad #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

Infinite Frontier Seeding Gold Beetle, Justice League, Teen Titans Academy Vs. Suicide Squad!

Black Adam and DC One Million!

The issue’s first story involves Amanda Waller’s Justice Squad vs. Peacemaker’s Suicide Squad now named here and here.

It ends with Superboy having a flashback to the Suicide Squad vs. Teen Titans Academy cross-over from May 2021…

…before he tells Amanda Waller he won’t kill for her leaving her to kill Peacemaker and herself while…

…Conner Kent / Kon-el is the SuperMAN now.

The second story remains, in my opinion, more interesting than the opening story and much of the DC Future State line.

No one knows their “savior” Gold Beetle is so she gives them her historyorigin including how her alien The Reach scarab can help them now.

This revelation is just-in-time as the possessed Justice Legion A attacks and…


…our heroes escape due to Black Adam being able trigger the scarab.

They are found by the Phantom Stranger who takes them on a journey through the 853rd Century’s Speed Force Wall, New Genesis, Skyland and the Tower of Fate now…

…the last bastion for magic where some familiar faces reside.

The Phantom Stranger puts them in contact with the future’s Quintessence which still is lead by the Wizard Shazam.

Looks like their foe the Unkindness is planning a reboot which makes our resident Time Master Gold Beetle get a migraine, but she also disappears in the middle of it all?!

Looks like Resurrection Man be able to help Black Adam against the Unkindness and his forces, but it takes a sacrifice. 


Story begins to end with the Unkindness on the attack and at the suggestion of the Wizard Shazam…

…Black Adam uttering his name and defeating the Unkindness!

However, this act transports him from the 853rd Century to…

…Hell in 2021 setting up his new statue quo as part of the Justice League in Infinite Frontier?!

The Pulse:

While I preferred the second story to the first, they were both engaging with lots of intrigue and action plus solid art teams. 8.5 out of 10.

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